Monday, August 07, 2006

HUGE Laydown

So after playing about 2 1/2 hours of STTs and losing 10 on some sick stuff I came back late being inspired by High Stakes Poker on GSN. I play .05 .10 and 5 dollar 6 man. In the 6 man I lost half my stack early when my top pair lost to an over pair. I got back up to 800 when I made a sweet all in bluff with 810 on a 4694 board. The next hand after that I picked up QQ raised 3x to 120 and got 2 calls. Flop came down 259 two spades and I had Qs. sb checked bb who had 580 bet 160 I reraise all in for 670 total sb called and so did bb sb had 22 for a set and bb had 66 with 6s. Turn came As river 10s!!!!! I triple up and take chip lead. I eventually get heads up with 5760 to 240 but blinds 160 320. This guy was sick he called me all in with J high and Q high. He got a big chip lead butI doubled up when my 97 hung on agaisnt his 76. I then regained the chip lead when I pushed all in with A6 for 2/3 of his chips and he insta called with 36 off I hung on and won the 19.50 first prize. So in the cash game I get up .80 early, when i pick up 77 in the office. This aggressive player with a huge stack raises .80 tight play next to me calls I call. Flop comes dow 9h7c4h I flop the set!!!! Aggressive player bets .40 guy next calls and I reraise to 1.20 they both call. Turn Kh, once again aggressive player bets .40, this time tight player raises min. This scares me as I think he hit the flush or even set of kings. So I just flat call leaving me $3. River 3d aggressive players bet 1.20 then tight player instantly moves allin. How sick is this. I think the he has AQh and at the last second fold mid set. Aggressive takes long time and folds too. That is the second biggest laydown I made, the one that was bigger the guy made a sick bluff heads up. So I regain my composure and eventually get the aggressive player to double me up when I have QQ and leave with a $4 gain and have my account back at 243. I might play the 1230, but plan to play some STTs tommorrow afternoon.



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