Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Ups and Downs of Poker

So after my account was down to 204 on Saturday I played an early morning O8 tourney and a STT. I won the STT for $25 and got 2nd in a Mtt O8 tourney worth 24 so after that I played the 4500 guranteed got knocked out and had 242. Then I won 7.50 in cash games, but played alot of 5 dollar tournies with no cashes and was dow to 228. So today I came on and playe a 4 man 5 dollar heads up match. I got out to a 3-1 lead,but had to do something for 5 minutes, came back I was a 2-1 disadvantage I fought hard and eventually got my money with KQ vs. Q10 and if I won I would of regained the chip lead unfortunately he flopped two pair good game me. I entered the 830 5 dollar after that. I picked up Aqd in mid position raised to 80 got 3 calls. Flop 3K6 2 diamonds. ep bets 20 I call one other guy calls. Turn 10d, gin ep bets 100 i call other guy folds. River Jd ROYAL FLUSH!! He goes all in I insta call he ahs K10. I now have 3040 real early. I eventually buid my stack to 4855 playing the best poker I played in a long time. So mp raises 3x bb to 450, at this point half the field is out, final table pays. I have 77 I call, me and him heads up to the flop. 383 rainbow he bets 900 about half the pot. I think for 15 seconds and put him on AQ I push in for 4400 tota he takes 2 seconds and sure enough AQ. Winner of this pot is chip leader with 52 left(he has me by 50) Turn 4 river A! I fall to the floor in disbelief. I get back up and play a 2 dollar 15 man I made final table with chip lead and cashed. I knocked out the first guy 3 handed with 108 on a 103107A board I slow played it till the end and put the guy all in on the river for his last 1k and he called with K high no lie he called his tournament life off with K high. We get heads up and I m a 4-1 favorite I double the kid up but get some back when this hand comes up I hav 9100 behind me with 300 in the pot and 94 of spades. He raises min I call 236 flop two clubs he bets 300 I call turn Kc, I dont think he has the flush he bets 900 I was going to fold but I decide to call since I was getting 5-1 and I do River gin 6 He goes all in i call he has A3 and I win the 15 dollar first prize putting me up on the day. So now I sit with 235 in my account. I just a little bit away from getting it back to the 250 range. I feel Im playing better now since I can concentrate more.

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