Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tough Bubble

That's right 10 paid I finished 11th out of 104. I double up early on with AQ vs. Q10 on a 6Q634 board. Then I lost a huge pot with 88vs.A2.vs 109s vs. J10s. 109s made a horrible call adn the A2 and J10 were ss. So that brought me down from 3300 to 1900. Two hands later we were 8 handed I had KQs in 3rd pos. 50-100 I raise to 300. I got 3 calls and the flop came 8c10h9h. sb checked, their is 130o in the pot and I have 1600 left I decide to push all in. I get two calls. One by A8 for almost all his chips and another by A9 for half of his. So I have 10 outs the turn came a 2 and the river came the J! I more than tripled up to 6200 and at break I had 7200. Then I got one hand in 40 minutes.Then I made a play with A9 which got me down to 3100. I got down to 2700 then I doubled with KQ vs. AJ. I got back to as high as 7500. Then with the blinds 400-800 I have 5800 left with 400 in sb. Their are 11 left at this point 10 pay. I have J6, me the bb and a limper take a flop JJ7 rainbow. I check leavine me 5400 in my stack bb has 5150. So the blinds check and the limper bets 2400. I decide to move in for my 5400 in which the bb insta calls and I know im beat. Limper folds and the bb had AJ Turn 3 So I need a 3 or 7to chop ad a 6 to win. River 9, I got 265. I double up quadrupled up the next hand with Q10 vs. A6. The next hand I pick up 77 and get called by 1010, I flop a 7 and get up to over 2500. The next hand after that I pick up Ah3h and push all in and the bb calls with J4 off. Flop comes J43 so I need an A or 3 it goes blank blank and I bubble. It is pretty sick, but that is poker. Im still up on the day as I won 7.50 in cash games. In one hand some guy called $3 at .05 .10 and couldnt beat A high on the river. I might play the 1200 guranteed in 45 minutes. I really want a win since I go back to school in about 3 weeks, time is running out

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