Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Over

Today is the last day of summer and tommorrow starts back up classes. This was an dull summer, didnt go anywhere and didn't accomplish much. I wanted to play more poker and maybe win a tournament to get a huge bankroll and that didn't happen.

I play few live tournies and did all my wins in the beginning in the summer coming out 30-40 bucks ahead live. Online I had 150 and got up to 300, but back down to 242, which I will tell in a minute.

Some good news is that the Yankees are pawning and that playoffs are approaching. With playoffs approaching that means the NFL is starting up and my Giants are going to pawn. I haven'nt missed a game in 3 years. Also Im now an umpire so I make money doing that which is cool. I also get a vacation in September so that will get me off my stress.

Anyways to the poker, as you know i deposited the 171 on tilt. I was ok in roll when I decided to play a 45 man. I got deep and at the final table I was all in on the bubble with a coinflip and won. I cashed won another big pot and was heads up. I flopped a pair and open ended str8 draw got it all in with best hand to his overs and I held. I won 85 for that and a few more hu matches to get my account to 301!. So today being the last day I wanted to play alot. I missed the 9am, so I tried to satelite into the 12pm and lost 30 doing so bubbling twice. I lost a hu match and then sorta tilted one up and that is another 10. I played 2 6 mans and bubbled once and the other time guy called all his chips on a 10 high flop with K high. Lost some in cash games and that is how I go from 301-242. This is a hard day that looks done for me and I don't plain on playing until Friday night.

Till then


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