Friday, August 25, 2006

One outer

Today was another kid's tourney. For every dollar you buyin for you get 150 in chips. I bought in for 12 but only had to pay because someone owed me 2 bucks. I also got another 5 I loanded out too. So anyways, this time didn't have a set blind structure so we played 5-10 and 10-20 for 2 hours and had to speed up to every 15 20 minutes when they got to 25-50 because people like me had other priorities. So anyways about 2 hours in I have seen 3 hands and decide to raise with K9s from 2 off button, loose sb called, flop came down K108 he checked i bet out 100 he calle, turn 8 he checked i bet 175 and he raised 40 more,(which is illegal but they didn't enforce it). I called river 10, this time he bet out 300, I was like wow, I thought for literally 5 minutes and with 4 seconds left on the clock called thinking he had QJ J9 or J8 or Q10, so it was almost but more like 42.5/42.5 win/lose or 15% chop. He showed J8 and i lost 40% of my starting chips. However I didn't tilt and fought back up to around 1400 when I had 9d8d on button limped in for 30 and we saw a 3 way flop. Q84 rainbow, checked around, turn 2 the kid he won the pot off me bet out 150 i called, river 4 he bet out 500 i thought and read him as weak called and he immediately mucked his cards and I was over 2k. The next hand he limped in for 50 i raised to 150 with AJ he called i bet out 300 he called on a A95 board. Turn 10 He went all in for like 700 i called he showed QQ and won and went on to over 3k. I played real good from then on, playing tight and patience but picking up pots. Then with approxiametly 3k in chips i had J4 in sb and called the 75 flop 44K rainbow, i checked bb checked utg bet 200 button called i reraised to 500 utg called button folded, I was positive they both had a K. turn 9 I go all in for 1500 he has 1520 left thinks for 3 minutes and calls with Ks8s. Indeed the other kid had a K, so he had one out, winner of this pot has 5500 and is very likely in first place going to the final 6 and looking for the 80 dollar first prize. Im a 98% favorite to do so, but BAM K!!! I YELLED NO FUCKING WAY!!!., put my head down to gather myself said nice hand and left. After I left and was lying in the street for 10 minutes trying to commmit suicide, I thought how well I played these last two days and how unlucky I got. However the difference the way I reacted when I got knocked out, after the K9 hand I didn't tilt and I was very proud of that. Also how I exited without a big hoorah, unlike this kid who lost to a 3 outer to the same person and flipped MY chips all over the place and had to stop for 10 minutes to locate them all. I played and acted very professional and Im proud of that. Now I just need not to get unlucky and Im in great shape.

In good news I went to a ball game today and enjoyed myself, while their I found out that I will be making some money this fall by umpiring which will be nice. After I got home I played a 5 dollar 4 man heads up shootout on tilt. I won the first match easily. The second match I had a big lead, but my opponent proceeded to raise every pot and I had shit and he got close, but I won a big pot with KK and he was left with 1300 to my 470. With blinds 60-120 i limped from button with KQ 98% sure he was pushing all in indeed he did and I insta called. He had 44, race. Flop 42J, R U KIDDING ME!!!?!?!!? turn 10 LIFE A OR 9. River 9!!!! ONE TIME FOR MIKEY!!!. I got lucky once , but I can say I definately deserved it. So my till account is at 185.50 for a 14 gain since joining yesterday and my bonus account is at .48!! I need to get too 17.10 for them to put it in. I got 3 months to get the full 171, but I don't think Ill be able to and would be satisfied if I could get 100 back. I ll probably play the 10pm tommorrow like last night where I got deep, but no cash. Other than that Im not going to play until sunday morning and maybe Sunday night. I got to go back to school on Thursday, so this week is my last week before I got to get serious about school which will limit poker.



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