Saturday, November 11, 2006

0 for 5

Well my account is down to 197. I won some heads up matches but was down over the weekend. So in the MTTs 5 played no cashes. Two to the second hour and the last one Im near tears. In the first hour I raise 3 pots and somehow played tight and well and got to 2185. 15 minutes into the 2nd hour i have QQ 80-160 blinds I raise t 480 two calls. FLop Q99 check i check my opponet bets 480 bb folds i call leaving me 1k. Turn I check he bets 480 I go all in for 505 more he calls with 66 I win and get to 4200. About 10 minutes later I raise to 480 with KK and get two calls flop is KQ6 sb checks limper/caller checks i bet 480 two spades sb calls limper/caller/ goes all in for 1300 more i flat call leaving me 2950 sb calls to turn 4. I go all in he calls sb has AQ and the limper/caller has K10 they are both drawing dead and I get to 12500. I do nothing for the next half hour, things get bad. I raise in the office wit103s 200-400 blinds sb goes all in for 250 i call he has 66 and holds I fall downto 9990. Next hand 33 raise again sb calls. Q102 flop he checks i bet 1750 he takes 20 seconds and pushes allin, I think and make my only mistake of the tourney and call he has JJ and holds . If I fold after his all in I still have 6900 now only 3200 I the push all in with AK for 2400 and a limper calls with AJ 5800 chip pot 14 from money. Flop 862 turn J rive 10 Im distraught. I played so well for 1 hour 50 and in 10 minutes I blow it. It was probably stupid to rasie with the 103 since he was ss but he folded everytime before. and the 33 I just made a dumb call on the reraise although I don't know how he flat calls with JJ when I showed 103 the hand before, I felt he might have AJ A9 KJ A2 I shouldn't of called though. This stung. I might need a break for 2 weeks. I don't know, I can't get my count going. I haven't felt this bad over a tournamen since I've been at Full tilt.

Hope I don't kill myself


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