Saturday, November 25, 2006


That describes my week. After my win last Saturday blanked out. On Wednesday I went to this kid's house and played a 10 dollar tournament and the players were horrible, however they would suck out on me or cooler me and I was the first out. Then I played on Bodog and went broke. I played 5 session in cash games. First 15 I had KK vs. 107 on a 974 board I bet out he reraises I reraise all in for a good amount and the river is a 10. I buy back in and get it all in with a str8 draw and over card and flush draw and miss. Next I have Q4 on a 567 board and I have a flush draw miss again. Next I think I had KQ on a J105 board and the guy had like J9 and he won. Finally I went broke for good when I had K9 of clubs on a AcKd8c board the biggest donkey I have ever seen raises so I go all in and get two calls one guy AK and the donkey picked up AA and of course I miss my 9 outs. The only big pots I lost were those. It was sick, so now Im back to freerolls.

The homegam was yesterday, nothing. I played great poker. I played tight and when in the hand I made good reads. I was at starting stack about about 2 1/2 hours in when I picked up AQ. I raise to 155 at blinds 15-30 and got two calls AK4 flop check around turn A which puts a flush draw on the board I bet 100 and get one call river 4. I bet 225 and this really bad player raises me 750 more so I only have 185 left and go all in and he calls with 45 and I get up to 2700 when this hand happens. Blinds are 20-40 and I raise to 150 this aggressive player calls. Flop is KsJd4s I bet 175 and he raises 400 more I think and feel he is weak so I call. So the turn is a 6c I check he bets 400 and last time he bet the same on turn and flop he had a draw so I call. River 6d I check he goes all in and he has me covered I have 1300 left and I think and remember him telling me how he played a missed draw the night before like this. I have seen him here to bluff with A high and like J10 here trying to get the person off top pair so after about 90 seconds of though I call and he shows KJ ggme 9th. That was the only mistake I made the whole time. Also my first SPOY win doesn't count so I have 0 points.



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