Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Live One

Well I won it. I played really tight earlier on and had a crucial hand where i had AQ vs. J10 vs. 55 on all in preflop, Im all in 973 flop turn A!!! river I doubled up to like 1500. Then I won another pot where i had A10 on a Q64JK board and they had 910 and i won a good pot and I made it to the final table in first with like 3200. There I played a little more aggressive and picked up alot of uncontested pots. I was chip leader heads up but we made a deal since it was late earning more 40 for a 5 buyin it was a 90 prize pool, so I was happy. I think that is the best I played in a while and that is my new strategy.

THe BCS is crazy great game between Michingan OSU I picked OSU. I personally think if USC loses to Notre Dame Michigan should play OSU in the championship. I think the games should be Fiesta OSU vs. Michigan Sugar West Virginia vs. Florida Orange Texas vs. Georgia Tech and the Rose USC vs. Notre Dame. CBB big upset already Oral Robert beat Kansas. Uconn is playing good so Im happy

I currently took 90 out on Bodog leaving me 15 to play with and Im in .10 .25 game either going broke or getting to 40, so we'll see. I have a project and I have to do better in school so I probably won't post until Friday


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