Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Got Money!!!

I got money at Bodog! This guy IMed saying he had a bonus code if I deposite 100 get 25 instantly in bonuses. So I did and I got 25. I went to a cash game for 5 i came out with 13!! I had top pair and it hung on against a draw. I then played a heads up match and lost. The structure is horrible. It goes up every 10 hands. It went 5-10 10-20 15-30 30-60 50-100 100-200. So it became an all in fest and I lost. Im happy to have money, my goal here though is to play satelites and cash games. Not too many stts. Im still going for the Chris Ferguson on Full Tilt. Alos if anyone wants to join absolute contact me because if i refer you they have a good refer a friend bonus. Im currently trying to get that 100 i deposited out of bodog


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