Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dont play Poker

Im back where i started the week 92.60. Im running unbelievalby bad. I can't win a race. I can't avoid 3 outer and I cant win shit. Its so frustrating getting a nice cash and having a nice build up and all of a sudden back to where you were. I m playing a little tommorrow and then Im done for like 2 weeks. I got 5th in my home game tourney, I went card dead for 3 hours and got bounced. The only good thing that happened lately is the Giants won a game and are in the playoffs. So im pumped for that. The college basketball season is now in ful swing so that will cause me not to play as much as well. I hope to get a job too, so I can have some money. Maybe me getting a job will get more grounded and actually enjoy poker instead of having poker being my "job".
Hope you all had a good holiday season,


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