Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What A Comeback

Today I finally played that one dollar, it wasn't turbo and 899 entered. In the first hour a won a nice pot when I called all my money off with KQ for 1500 preflop at 25-50 level and the guy had KJ and I held.I won another pot when my full boat won a nice pot against top pair. At the first break i had 5600. In the secnd hour I won some pots and got to 7100 when this hand came up. UTG raises min to 600. Im on the button wit 77 and i call Flop is 663 rainbow. He bets 800 i reraise to 2400 he calls. Turn 6 He bets me all in for 4k and I think and at the last second I call and he had AK and I held. This got me to 13. I won another nice pot when my top 2 of on a 732 board held off A7 and right before the money i had 20k. I then cashed and was around 25k with 40 left I had KK and got it all in agains A9 and held. The very next hand I knocked that guy out when my AQ caught up to his 77. At the end of third break i was in 3rd with 55k. I then won alot of uncontested pots and got to 75k. I hit some flops and eventually got to 110k. I took some swings, but with 16 left i was back at 110k. I eventually made the final table wtih 130k. With 7 left i knocked out a player with AQ against his KQ and got over 200k. I then chilled a while til we got 5 handed. When I picked up some cards and made a str8 against some ones AA with J10 and with 3 left had a chip lead with 550k. The other guy then regained it when he knocked out the 3rd place guy. Going into heads up it was 725k for him and 575k for me with blinds 8k 16kand 1500 ante. 6 hands in this came up he limped i checked with 108 off. Flop was 10K10 he bet 16k i called turn 6 he bets 32k i reraise toe 78k he calls river K. i hate that card he bets 100k and decide to flat call and ofcourse he had K9 for the 2 outer. The very next hand i have 108 of clubs te flop is K75 two clubs. Turn J clubs he bets 20k and I smooth call. River is a blank and I check with 280k behind me he then bets 100k and instantly move all in and he calls with Q 6 of clubs for the cooler and I finish in 2nd for $130. I only had one suckout when my A8 and one club was forced to call a ss top two but I had the flush draw and hit turn. The last 2 hands were very brutal, but thats how the cookie crumbles. I gave $30 to my friend so that pays off half of what I owe him (btw he got 5th in a deepstack at stars for 500 and won midnight madness for 2500). I am actually close to a bonus and with 100 in my account I hope to play some this weekend to get there.

Giants won and need to win again

Back in the grind



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