Friday, December 29, 2006

Poker Leads to Crack Use

Umm yea that describes poker in a nut shell. Xmas night I played a 5 dollar multi and cashd for 8 bucks getting my account at like 100. Then Tuesday into Wednesday I played 20 hours total including a stretch from 9pm to 9am str8. I had kids go to Dunkin Donuts for me and shit. Anyways I took some sick shit like KK vs. 66 and rivered 6 and like AQ vs. AJ they flop a J i still would have 14 outs and missed everytime. I also bubbled a multi table when my 44 on a 356 lost to AK on the river A. However I played really well in STTs where I folded QQ and JJ preflop both times they showed aces. I actually wounded up 4 bucks. Wednesday I played a live tourney and got nothing did nothing. Yesterday I played the 1030 am MTT and got 5th for 90. I played really good. I won a big pot with AA vs QQ and then when we got passed the money I was in average shape I had QQ utg 7 handed the bb ss reraise all in for half my stack I had to call he showed AA and I made quad queens. Then I made a sick semi bluff with 54 on a 2385 board the guy bet pot on flop i called button called. Turn he bet 3/5 of pot i reraise all in the button folded 1010 and he folded A8 and i showed and then got me from 28k to 57k. Then I hit a nice rush and got up to 120k. I took some sick shit right before the final table. I had A9 on a977 board the guy called all in with J8 and went runner runner flush it was a small pot. However this guy he was testing me the whole time limped ut 6 handed i had A4 in sb and bb checked A94 flop I check bb checks and the utg bets 1/2 pot i shove him in for like 20k more he calls with A10 8 10 down again. However we made the final table and won a pot when my 33 out ran JJ on the rivered str8. Then I went card dead and couldn't pick up a pot with a raise. I had 98k when i raised 4800 with AQ utg sb called bb pushed in for 20k more I decided to shove in and the sb called with A10 and the bb hadQQ and held i was down to 50k when my 1010 got called for 10x the bb by the limp QJ. He hit i got 5th. Right after that I went to a live tourney and won it for 30 bucks. I played real well and just waited for hands. Last night i played like 10 hours with breaks here and there and won 4 bucks. People were limping with KK and AK and QQ and you couldn't do anything about it was sick. My friend came over and won 2 seats to the 30k so he got the buy in which was 109 and a seat. He had the worst table in history we were lmao. Im currently leaving for another live tourney. I ave 175 about and tilt



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