Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well I haven't done much since my last post. The Giants are just losing all their games,although with a win this week agaisnt the Panthers their in great shape. Uconn is cruising right now and my bball leaugue is starting soon. Im looking for a job so I can purchase car. Ok, with all that on the side. Im sorta getting an itching for poker and feel that I can once again deal with emotional swings. Right now, Im aiming for Xmas vacation to get back playing. I have a friend who can bakc me on stars and Ill see wat i can do there. If i can get started I will probably redeposit on full tilt and hit the grind. IM going to try to play more liberally. Maybe like a STT on the weekdays and a 10am tournament on Saturday and then 2 STT's on Sunday. This way Im getting practice but I won't burn myself out. We have also started a website. There we started th SPOY, but their are some ?'s still to be answered.
I made my ffb playoffs and the first week is this week. CBB is going crazy and as u know Im the analysis for my paper so, I plan/ have to watch alot of bball. Ill see you all later



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