Friday, March 02, 2007

The Madness of March

In the little online i have played these past two weeks have been as cold as the past few months. The good news is im doing alot better in school and March Madness is starting. This is my favorite sporting spectacle of the year. Im doing two pools one for 10 and another for 5. Im really into college basketball, as I do my own projected bracket to help prepare me. The only bad news this year is that Uconn is looking like their going to make the tournament, so now it looks like I'll follow some NIT. Don won a $10 Mtt ofr 750 last weekend and is playing really good. My pro friend Robert Lauria who is a nasty pro just took down a HOSE event for 2500 at FARGO. He is so nasty, I hope to go up to his crib soon and play some live games with home. As for me live, Don and I have come up with Poker Superstars and and Southington Series of Poker. I'll post when I have more information. Im playing a live event tommorrow as I need the money as our High School team has made the playoffs and I need the money to pay, not to menton the SPOY points. You can see all these points and tournaments at our site at . Also we are planning to have a 10 dollar tourney at pokerstars for the site in mid april, just holla at me and ill get you the password. Im planning to put $10 on stars and play some .25 tourneys and see what happens. Won't play alot until after the tournament. Im also still looking for a job to fund me so who knows.

Trying to survive in everything,


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