Monday, March 26, 2007

Post 100!: Long Time NO see

Its been about 3 weeks since ive seen you all. I have played no live poker due to the tournament. I played some online at stars. I got my accoutn from that 4.20 to 13.75 and cashed in 3 of my last 4 multis. Last 2 getting real deep but catching gooseeggs late. My bracket is done. I had a great first round 27-5. OK second round getting 7 of 8 elite 8 teams. Only Xavier didnt make it on bullshit and I had UNLV. Then that Thursday killed me lost Southern Illinois and Texas A&m with in 25 minutes of each other. So im done. Im broke and looking for a job. I do have atleast umpiring and pretty sure Ill be doing something that will give atlest 50 additional a week. When I get going I WILL redeposit 50 dollars on Full tilt and play small tournies 1 and 2 dollar multis with some occassional 2 dollars till i get to 80 where i can take some shots. My plan for this will be not to keep much in after i get to like 200. I need money for a car so im going to be taking out quickly. This will make it extremely important to use good bankroll management. I got a live tourney in April for SPOY so I can really use that. Poker Superstars is going slow so I don't think that will be starting for a while. I got one week left in this quarter and I got to finish strong so not much poker until Sunday.



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