Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Much News.

So, alot to talk about first life. Yankees started up and our struggline, already dealing with injuries hopefully they can turn it around. I also got a job at at a garden place. This will be perfect as it will help fund poker and my soon to be car.
For poker nothing live bricked everything, but I feel I am coming out of this funk and will hit a sick rush soon. As for online BIG NEWS. I got someone to give $20 on full tilt to manage. He got 90% so i was up 10 dollars and on Sunday night played a 2 dollar. I hit an amazing rush and was chip leader the first two hours. Then in the third hour just chilled and was at the final two tables. With 15 left i pushed in with A8 vs. KK and hit a miracle A and then just played extremely well accumalitng chips for the final table. When I got to the final table. I just chilled and found myself 3 handed when this hand come up. i have 88 in bb with 85k button with 105k limps sb raises 3x bb to 18k i push in button insta calls and sb takes 15 seconds and call with KK with his 320k stack. Flop 3K8 the case king fall my set no good I take a disappointing third for 65. Then the next day i decide to give a whirl at the 630 version of the 2 dollar. Very early i hit a 2 outer with KJ on a J984K board. I was against AA and J9. Then I cruised into the money but their i was ss. I pushed in wiht 87 off and got called by 88 with 50 left on a 454 flop not looking good turn J river 6!!! I doubled up huge. Then about 1/2 hour late all in on the button K7s vs. AK river flush and I get to teh finall two tables. With 35k i raise a pot with A9 to 5kish. This guy who had called my last 7 raises finally pushes in i decided to call the 20k more he has 99, but i flop an A and i have 64k. Very next hand I have AQ in teh office raise to 3600 button with 3k calls the sb then reraises 29k more all in. I think and call button JJ sb KK Q98flop turn Q!! i have 110k and cruise into final table. Their I played one of my best final tables to get hu 2-1 advantage. This guy would raise his button 85% of the tiem and call my rasies 85% of the time and never rerasies so eventually i was 2-1 and all in with Q10 vs. AK i flopped a 10 and then had him all in 4 times and the lat hand K10 vs. 22 K107 flop no 2 I WON THE TOURNEY!! First online win in about 10 months this was good for 151. Now the bad news is i was still on the stake so i only get 10% of my account leaving 29 bucks. So now i cant move up I have to stay at the 1 and 2 dollars, but Im more than willing too.

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