Sunday, May 21, 2006

100k Guranteed

Im in it at poker time. I won 50 bucks in 90 minutes to get in. I put my 11 dollars on the line at a 11 STT wher i got second and 30 dollars. Then i entered a 20 dollar 6 man and won 2nd getting my account to 44 so i won a 10 dollar and 1 dollar heads up and was .50 away. So i entered a 3 man tourney and i was chip leader hu, but i had 2 min. until it close for the registration so i pushed in with KcJc he called with KdQd i flopped a J and hung on. Then i entered the 100k gurnateed for 55 straight leaving me 3 in my poker time account. And im out i had KJ in late pos. i raised to 80 blinds call K68 rainbow flop. Checked to me i bet 140 guy reraises to 600 that seems odd to m i cal turn is an 8 check check. River Q, he goes all in he has 60 less than me. i call and he called the raise with K8 and took the pot. I got knocked out next hand when my A2 lost to KK. The only thing i don't like was the call on the flop. I was pot committed from there on out. Yet again i can't believe i got called by K8 in that tourney. More donkeys then i thought. So my royal account has 75.66 and my poker time has 3.

Better luck next time


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