Friday, May 26, 2006

I Won!!

I went to my friends house and played a 11 man 5 dollar buy in tourney. With 4 paying out 25 15 10 5. I woulf of made it different, but it is his house. So first hand i have KQ bb 5 handed. I raise to 40 total one caller. Flop is Q52 rainbow. I check loose player raises 15o i reraise 300 more he calls. Turn 3 check, check river K I bet 325 he calls and has Q10 i virtually double up. A few hands later I had A4s raised from sb one caller. Flop is 832 i raise 50 he reraises 125 more I feel he is weak and that i can bluff him on the turn so i call. Turn K he bets 200, I'm a littel concern, but I feel he is weak and raise 450 more he folds and pick it up. I stay around there. Till we are 4 handed. A supertight player raised minimum with blinds 75-150. However, he has been playing loose for him and I have KQ and call from sb bb calls too. Flop is Q34 rainbow. I have 2200 or so he has 1000 i go all in. He takes about 30 seconds sighs and says i guess i call. I feel i have him since he went like that, but he flipped over AA and slow rolled me to an extent. I was piss, but didn't tilt. He got knocked out later when he made a loose call with Qj against AKs. So 3 left i won some pots and got to 1600 200-400 blinds. I went all in 3 hands in a row and eventully got my stack to 3200. So later on sb he has 800 more than me raises all in. I have 88 and decide to call the 3200. He has AK race. Flop is J35 Turn 6 River 4!!! i take the commanding chip lead. A few hands later i have over 7k and one kids has 600 other has 1200. I knock the short stack out with 76 againts A7 when i hit a 6 but i had to call 95 to win 900. So two hands later i got 9k to this kids 200 i have 96s he is all in with the blinds with AJ i river a flush and win the tournament. I played so good. The turning point was after the AA lost and i doubled up when i had A3 raised to 450 kid called flop was 942 he bet allin and had me by 400. I think and i think he has KQ at this point we were on the bubble. I call he had KQ and i hung on. Now as long as my big tourney goes down I feel confident so maybe I can win that too.

Peace Matt


Blogger Don said...

Very nice job brutha.

The only problem with you winning the big tourney is that I'm gonna be there ;)

Btw, that was Nitz with the AA right? He didn't mean to slowroll you, he honestly didn't think AA was good there, at least thats what I think.

You wanna talk about a slowroll with AA? I had QQ, moved all in on the flop of A 3 4, guy took 20 seconds to call with AA. LOL

Now THATS a slowroll.

Anyways, very nice job on the win brutha, and I hope we go 1-2 in the big tourney.

6:21 AM  

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