Monday, May 22, 2006


Last night my friend lended me 11.50 at ultimatebet. I played last night on a .05.10NL Holdem table. I had Jd!10d and made a river flush on a board of 4d6d8c7h7d and guy made the full boat of 8s full of 7s and i lost 3.50. So today i give it another whirl and i buy in for 5. I get up to 8.90 when i have KK in mid pos. UTG raises to .30 i reraise to .90 two callers. Flop is KJ10 rainbow, utg bets 2.75 guy folds and it's on me and i go all in for 8. He takes along time to call so i know i have the best hand he turns up QQ and it goes 10 K for quads! I win a 18 dollar pot I left there up 10.25,(I lost a decent size pot before i left) Then I entered a 1.10 STT and got third making .90, but i made some big laydowns and good calls. I folded JJ on a rasie guy had AA, that kind of stuff. So i went some where and came back to .05 .10 Ive been playing for 30 minutes exactly at 5 my buyin when i get 8s6s on button i limp with a few others. Flop is Ac7s5c. One guy bets .50 3 call including me puttin 2.75 in my the pot.Turn Qc guy bets .75 folded to me, I don't feel he has any clubs so i call considreing im gettn the right odds on my str8 draw. River 3d he bets out .80 in to the 4.25 pot, I feel he is weak he hads 3.60 behind hm i have .80 less. I considered and decide to raise to 2.80 on a stone cold bluff. He waits to the last second and folds!!! What a read I left the table after that up 3.30 and 16 on the day on UB. I played great poker today and hope it can continue. Now i have to work on projects for finals.

Wish Me Luck


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