Monday, May 29, 2006

Ugly Tournament

After winning an 8 man live tournament sunday afternoon after coming from 55 with 10-20 blinds to win. I entered the 12:30 am 3.50 NL tourney on royal, 112 entered 10 paid. I got to 3800 at break when i had a j10 of hearts for a flush. Then i got to 6800 when my 88 hung on against AQ. So i have 10k with 300-600 blinds 16 left, I have AJs in ep i raise 3x bb calls. Flop is A73 rainbow we both check. Turn Q he bets 1200 i raise him all in for 4800 more leaving me 2k he calls he had AQ. Two hands later I get QQ all in sb calls with AK and rivers the K, that is my 3rd bubble in my last 3 MTTs online.

So today was my monthly tournament, we did 10 buy in. 10 cam little weak, but we played. Early on i had 87s i FLop was 8810 i bet out two calls, turn Q for 3 flush i bet again bot call, river 9 check to this kid who bets 600 into a 200 chip pot i fold he had 99. Later I had to fold As up when the flush came on the turn and he had the flush. Then i have KJ raise it up 4x bb to 40 total two calls flop is J86 rainbow, i bet 40 two calls, turn 6 i bet 60 two calls river 4 i check this kid bets 200 i think and decide to call he flat called the flop with KK and took the pot. I should of folded the river, but i didn't. Then wit hblinds 6-12 i have K4 in bb, loose button calls me and him to the flop. KK8 two diamonds i check he bets 50 i call, Turn Qh i check he bets 25 i raise 100 more he calls. River 7h, I was thinking no red so i check he bets 300, my read says im beat, so does my gut, but i couldn't fold and he had 36h for the runner runner. Then i have 30 in the bb with 77 behind me and i have Ah10h i raise after the same person limped on the button he called with 98 flopped an 8 i was out in last. In two hours i got no pockets, and that A10s was the best hand. I played better than I did then last time. I won 37 dollar gain in live this tourney in about 10 hours total not great but if i won this tourney i would of won 102 dollars in 14 hours. My friend ultimately won this tourney and he played amazing. It's in his blog It's good yous should read it. Im considering taking a few weeks off from the internet game, I only got 55 in the account and 1 dollar at ub.


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