Friday, June 02, 2006

This Is Becoming Gay

i finished 55th ina 167 1 dollar rebuy tourney with a 155 first. I got up to 4100 when i won a huge pot with KK whci hung on against AK and a ss's hand. Then i got to 6k when my KJ hung on a J8 on a board of J72710. Then at break i rebought to 6700 and got up to 7400. Then with the high blinds i got down to 5100. Picked up a pot with 95 to 6700. Then 200-400 blinds i raise with AJ from ep to 1200 bb raises 800 more utg calls i call. I don't like the raise so i'm little scared. Flop comes Ah7cQh he goes all in for 3200 2/3 my stack utg calls. I think and fold. BB reraised with AJ, I don't like that at all and utg called with 55. If I stayed in i woulda had 7800 instead 4800. I think I had to fold there considering the reraise and the size of my stack. I hate that raise by him but i gotta take it. So a few hands later i get 1010 i raise to 1200 i get reraised 2400 more i then reraise my last 950, I don't think i can fold here, so i went all in he called with QQ. Of course he hangs on. Once again i get fairly deep, nothing to show. This is becoming very frustrating, since i can't do anything. My account is at 53. I guess I got to keep plucking away and hope for the best. I don't think I played bad at all in these tournies, it's just not breaking my way. I'm thinking of playing a little longer tonight.

See you later


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