Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's About Time

Last night i entered the 930 2.25 NL Freezeout and took home 3rd!! My first cash in 2 months and my first final table in 3. 220 entered and I got off to a fast start. when my AQ hung on against QJ. Then the next hand i have 66 and call a raise on a guy who i believe is tilting a bit. He has 2400 to my 3100. The flop came 248 two spades. He bets 300 and i raise to 900 he then goes all in for 1500 more. I feel I have the best hand so i call. Turn 6d and river 8h. Im up to 6k! But when we get to break im down to 3700. I stayed positive and felt good. The third hand after break I doubled up to 8k when my AJ held up against my opponents J10 on a board of J4283. I get up to 9600 but picking up pots, and I cash. Then with 18 left i have 7400 and 800 in the bb. This ss with 3k goes all in i call he has AA flop comes 324 Turn A river 5!! We chop and i have 8k. I pick up a pot and make the final table with 9200. On the third hand blinds are 800-1600. I push in with 77 a 5k stack calls and huge stack calls. Big stack has A3, but the ss has KK. Flop comes 8910, good flop i have 10 outs. Turn 3 River J!!!!I make the str8 and get up to 26k. With 7 left i double up against the chip leader when my QJ hung on against his Q9 on a board of Q8106K. I then i have to play tight since u cant raise these people at all. So somehow i crawl my way to 3 left. With the blinds at 1500-3k I push in on the button with A7 for 32k and bb with 80k calls with K6 flop is KQ4 Turn K and Im drawing dead finishing in 3rd worth 53 bucks. However I had to pay my friend back 16 since he loaned me the money which allowed me to play that tourney and I just lost to STTs, both times I got my money in with the best hand. So yesterday I started with 68, Got down to 38, ended the day with 95 and now have 74. Im down for awhile until 6 tonight I might play some STTs. I probably won't be playing as much in these next 3 weeks due to finals and my baseball league is starting. BTW my friend is putting together a 40 man live tourney with a first prize over 150 bucks!!



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