Monday, August 21, 2006

Horrible Start To New Beginning

Yesterday I ended the day at full tilt with 40.88 in my account. So today I come on I played a cash game and won 4.25, and won a heads 2 hu matches putting me at53.50. But then I lost a 4.40 thing to get my satelite. Then I lost 5 in cash games. Lost 5 in a STT. Lost 5 in the 6 oclock. lost 5 in a hu shootout and lost 5 in a heads up match. I took some sick stuff and could do nothing about it. This bring my account down to 18 dollars. The only way I can bring it back up before the deposit is to win 5 dollar STT Im in now which will put me even. If I get anything less Im done till the weekend probably. I mean i missed outs. Got coolered and sucked out, just like at royal. If this keeps up I will go broke. Because their is nothing in between 1 dollars and 5 dollars. So I need help. Which as of now I didn't get I had AQ vs. QJs and he goes runner runner flush and I have only 1k left. I also just entered a 1 dollar and Im trying my luck there. My 6s ran into 88 on 529 and im out off the 5 dollar. Last time that person made the same bet they had 22 on a AJ9 board. So Im done. I have like 17 in my account, but I am putting in my 200 tommorrow or Wednesday.

Im so pissed off


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