Sunday, August 20, 2006

Time For A Change

Today I played on Royal and Full Tilt. On Full Tilt Im up 25 but gave the guy his money from my win so Im only up 17 for 36.50 in my account there. I played a few tournaments on royal and blanked, plus lost 10 dollars in blackjack leaving my account at 171. Im sick of Royal and it's bullshit. So I decide that as of this week my new home is full tilt. Im depositing my 171 from royal and probably going to add 29 more and deposit 200 even there; for a grand total of 236.50 on full tilt. The only thing I don't like about full tilt is no 2 or 3 dollar tournaments. So Im going to need to get a big cash to be able to play 5 dollars consistently. But a good thing is they have a great deposit bonus where I can get my 200 in bonuses. So I can double my account just through their bonus. So tommorrow Im moving to full tilt

Till next time


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