Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ye Olde Monthly Home Tourney

This was a weird tourney. I played pretty good, but some mistakes cost me. 14 entered the 10 buy in. Early on a won a big pot with KJ when I flopped top 2. Then I was in good shape with blinds 8-16 and I QQ and raised to 46, got 3 calls. Flop Qd10c7c. We checked around. Turn 4c I have Qc and its checked to me and I bet 100. This really loose player reraised min. I called. River 9c, I hated that card, even though it made me the third nuts I didn't feel comfortable and I checked, he fired out 300, and I thought and decided to fold. MISTAKE !! he showed me Ad4s for A high. He made a nice play, but I have to realize that and make a good call like before when I called a big river bet with A high and was correct. So later in the tourney I grind in to the 2k range. When I pick up KsJs and see a flop for 40. Flop JdQs4s. Thats a good flop and i bet 100, my good friend reraises ,e to 400, I think and decide to push, he thinks for along time and calls all in with AJ. Turn As and now he needs an A or J, he misses and I win a nice pot. Then with blinds 30-60 a really tight player raised and I called on the button with JJ. Flop 834 rainbow. He checked and i bet 175, he reraised to 400 total. I thought I studied him, he can of easily have had QQ or up but I felt I had him and pushed all in he folded and I won a nice pot. Then I was in the sb for 40 and doublemeup raised to 160 and I called with 33. Flop 6d6c9d. I bet out 300. and he takes about a minute to push in all in for 800 more and about 25-30% of my stack. As you know doublemeup is krafty and could have a wide variety of hands. I made a bad read and called and he showed 1010 and hung on, however I make it to the final 6 4pay in third place with just under 3k. First hand I picked up K10 an raised from 2 off button bb who had a massive chip lead called. 245 flop, he bet out 250 I felt weakness and raised to 800 total he called. I gave up on the hand and he showed AK check to the river. Soon aftet that with blinds 75-150, I had AQ in bb and raised 450 more the same player called. Flop came down KdKc7d I push all in for 960 and he called wtih Ad5d, Turn Js river 10d. GG me. I missed out, but I lost another 5 since I had a piece of my brother in this. Doublemeup went on to win the 75 dollar first prize when he outflopped QQ with 77. I think I played pretty good, I made 4 memorably mistakes although 2 of them was just on read and a bit unlucky. After the tourney I talked to my friend and he said even if I played perfect the best I could of finished was 3rd, since the cards weren't falling my way.

Tommorrow is another day, yet again another tourney at another kid's house. He is structuring the tournament differently so it shoud be fun.

Today I deposited into full tilt, but only the 171 that I withdrew from royal. I thought I had extra money in neteller but I didn't. I have to be very careful and probably need a big cash soon or I can go break very easily since their is nothing between 5 and 1 dollars. I m being stupid and playing 5 dollars, so I have to play good, but also get a little lucky that I can score a big cash early to stabalize my account

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Krafty eh? lol


Lets just go 1-2 today.

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