Saturday, November 25, 2006


That describes my week. After my win last Saturday blanked out. On Wednesday I went to this kid's house and played a 10 dollar tournament and the players were horrible, however they would suck out on me or cooler me and I was the first out. Then I played on Bodog and went broke. I played 5 session in cash games. First 15 I had KK vs. 107 on a 974 board I bet out he reraises I reraise all in for a good amount and the river is a 10. I buy back in and get it all in with a str8 draw and over card and flush draw and miss. Next I have Q4 on a 567 board and I have a flush draw miss again. Next I think I had KQ on a J105 board and the guy had like J9 and he won. Finally I went broke for good when I had K9 of clubs on a AcKd8c board the biggest donkey I have ever seen raises so I go all in and get two calls one guy AK and the donkey picked up AA and of course I miss my 9 outs. The only big pots I lost were those. It was sick, so now Im back to freerolls.

The homegam was yesterday, nothing. I played great poker. I played tight and when in the hand I made good reads. I was at starting stack about about 2 1/2 hours in when I picked up AQ. I raise to 155 at blinds 15-30 and got two calls AK4 flop check around turn A which puts a flush draw on the board I bet 100 and get one call river 4. I bet 225 and this really bad player raises me 750 more so I only have 185 left and go all in and he calls with 45 and I get up to 2700 when this hand happens. Blinds are 20-40 and I raise to 150 this aggressive player calls. Flop is KsJd4s I bet 175 and he raises 400 more I think and feel he is weak so I call. So the turn is a 6c I check he bets 400 and last time he bet the same on turn and flop he had a draw so I call. River 6d I check he goes all in and he has me covered I have 1300 left and I think and remember him telling me how he played a missed draw the night before like this. I have seen him here to bluff with A high and like J10 here trying to get the person off top pair so after about 90 seconds of though I call and he shows KJ ggme 9th. That was the only mistake I made the whole time. Also my first SPOY win doesn't count so I have 0 points.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bigger Asshole Than Frist

Joe Cowley, writes for Chicago and votes for MVP. Voted Jeter 6th. Then he made the stupidest remarks and contridictated himself 50 times. Then diss Mike and the Mad Dog. This guy was the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Well to make this post worth while. im at 82 on Bodog. Im playing really well in the cash games. Umm home game Friday hopefully and I started a new website

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Live One

Well I won it. I played really tight earlier on and had a crucial hand where i had AQ vs. J10 vs. 55 on all in preflop, Im all in 973 flop turn A!!! river I doubled up to like 1500. Then I won another pot where i had A10 on a Q64JK board and they had 910 and i won a good pot and I made it to the final table in first with like 3200. There I played a little more aggressive and picked up alot of uncontested pots. I was chip leader heads up but we made a deal since it was late earning more 40 for a 5 buyin it was a 90 prize pool, so I was happy. I think that is the best I played in a while and that is my new strategy.

THe BCS is crazy great game between Michingan OSU I picked OSU. I personally think if USC loses to Notre Dame Michigan should play OSU in the championship. I think the games should be Fiesta OSU vs. Michigan Sugar West Virginia vs. Florida Orange Texas vs. Georgia Tech and the Rose USC vs. Notre Dame. CBB big upset already Oral Robert beat Kansas. Uconn is playing good so Im happy

I currently took 90 out on Bodog leaving me 15 to play with and Im in .10 .25 game either going broke or getting to 40, so we'll see. I have a project and I have to do better in school so I probably won't post until Friday

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Got Money!!!

I got money at Bodog! This guy IMed saying he had a bonus code if I deposite 100 get 25 instantly in bonuses. So I did and I got 25. I went to a cash game for 5 i came out with 13!! I had top pair and it hung on against a draw. I then played a heads up match and lost. The structure is horrible. It goes up every 10 hands. It went 5-10 10-20 15-30 30-60 50-100 100-200. So it became an all in fest and I lost. Im happy to have money, my goal here though is to play satelites and cash games. Not too many stts. Im still going for the Chris Ferguson on Full Tilt. Alos if anyone wants to join absolute contact me because if i refer you they have a good refer a friend bonus. Im currently trying to get that 100 i deposited out of bodog

Monday, November 13, 2006

I Have Started

Well that sucked last night Giants lost it was gay. So we are not going to talk about it.

So I got so pissed yesterday I decided not to wait for my bonus and withdrew 160 leaving me 1 dollar to go to 1k in a year. When I reach that goal 500 comes out and then the other 500 is my new roll. I tried a freeroll yesterday and blanked. To go back to the bonus If I don't reach it I get what I made realeased in so if I don't earn another cent I get like 11 bucks in late December. I also had this guy who said to me he can somehow get me free money on BoDog so I'll check that out.DN is deep in Foxwoods so Im pumped about that.

Im going to try to post everytime I play in my quest to 1k so hopefully the you'll see alot more posts. IM going to a16 man tournament Saturday 5 buy which sucks, but Ill take the 40 or so dollar first prize.

College Basketball started back up and Im the analyst for our school paper. As you know Uconn is my team and I had them at 9 but after poor win over Qunnipiac they probably drop out.Their are some sick early season games that I will watch and you can see what they are at This weekend is also the Ohio St. Michigan game I think Ohio st. will in, but I think if they lose but its close they should rematch for the championship. If Ohio St. wins, I think either USC or Florida should play then as long as they have 1 lose. If they both wound up with 2 loses and if Rutgers beats West Virginia then I think Rutgers should play in the ship. And if like everytime has 2 losses then Boise St. might have a shot. The BCS is crazy so I can't wait to see how this all plays out.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

A New Plan

Im sick of online poker and I need some money, so Im waiting to I get my next bonus and Im taking all my money off. From that point Im going to play freerolls or somehow try to get some money to build a whole new roll from scratch. If that doesn't work I might put half of my withdrawl back on at Christmas, depending on how much I miss it. Im going to still play live and maybe not playing online will help me more. I just don't see the point of me playing and getting all mad just as a break even player. Ive been playing for close to 2 years and no real big break. I mean overall online I have made 600-800 dollars, but in two years thats not great. I hope maybe this way I will rekindle my love for the game. Also this gives me a chance to concentrate on school work. Giants have a big game tonight

Go Gmen

Saturday, November 11, 2006

0 for 5

Well my account is down to 197. I won some heads up matches but was down over the weekend. So in the MTTs 5 played no cashes. Two to the second hour and the last one Im near tears. In the first hour I raise 3 pots and somehow played tight and well and got to 2185. 15 minutes into the 2nd hour i have QQ 80-160 blinds I raise t 480 two calls. FLop Q99 check i check my opponet bets 480 bb folds i call leaving me 1k. Turn I check he bets 480 I go all in for 505 more he calls with 66 I win and get to 4200. About 10 minutes later I raise to 480 with KK and get two calls flop is KQ6 sb checks limper/caller checks i bet 480 two spades sb calls limper/caller/ goes all in for 1300 more i flat call leaving me 2950 sb calls to turn 4. I go all in he calls sb has AQ and the limper/caller has K10 they are both drawing dead and I get to 12500. I do nothing for the next half hour, things get bad. I raise in the office wit103s 200-400 blinds sb goes all in for 250 i call he has 66 and holds I fall downto 9990. Next hand 33 raise again sb calls. Q102 flop he checks i bet 1750 he takes 20 seconds and pushes allin, I think and make my only mistake of the tourney and call he has JJ and holds . If I fold after his all in I still have 6900 now only 3200 I the push all in with AK for 2400 and a limper calls with AJ 5800 chip pot 14 from money. Flop 862 turn J rive 10 Im distraught. I played so well for 1 hour 50 and in 10 minutes I blow it. It was probably stupid to rasie with the 103 since he was ss but he folded everytime before. and the 33 I just made a dumb call on the reraise although I don't know how he flat calls with JJ when I showed 103 the hand before, I felt he might have AJ A9 KJ A2 I shouldn't of called though. This stung. I might need a break for 2 weeks. I don't know, I can't get my count going. I haven't felt this bad over a tournamen since I've been at Full tilt.

Hope I don't kill myself

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Life's A Bitch

That sums up this week in general. Sorry for the delayed post been really busy lately. Lets see well Friday I lost a tournament live, I didn't play that well and I lost 25 online. The next morning lost 20 online and bubbled in a live tournament. I went to my friend's house so I didn't play that night. So when I came back I watch the Giants an lost another 20 for a total of 77, not including food. I was up at 235 all the way down to 170. Nothing is going right I'm not even playing bad just sick shit is happening. Coolers suckouts unfoldable hands off on reads. If it was just poker it would suck, but I'm having some family/life/school problems too. Im probably going to keep playing this week and probably try to get into 1 or 2 FTOPS events. Lets hope i can rebound like last time.

Hopefully things will get better