Thursday, October 26, 2006

Drop Off

After winning 12 out of my last hu matches I played today with 227 in my account. I proceeded to go down to 191 as I lost 5 Hu matces in a row and a 6 man and a 9man. In the first hu i hurried through it and then the next 2 I played a super donkey who the two times I went all in made a hand. Then I lost to a 2o uter. I then played a 9man where I was short stacked the whole time when I was all in I missed 25 outs to stay alive. In the 6 man I got up to 4k but lost half of it when I lost to a rivered straight. I tilted off the rest of that. In the next hu match I let it slip away for a grand toatl of a36dollar lost in 90 minutes. I was real happy and pump for this 45 man I was going to play tommorrow. Im still going to play it still, but my attitude won't be the same. Instead of feeling good and invincible. THe feeling is going to be more of desperation. My plan is to play 1-3 MTTs this weekend and try to get the account climbing again. Im going to talk to my friend and see he recommends for a style.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Sunday

Well after taking the PSATS and watching some college football I went to my friends house for a 10 man 10 buy tourney. I think we started with 4k or so blinds at 25-50. I was in a gambling mood and was playing alot of hands the fist 45 minutes. I made a nice bluff with K6 of hears on a 4 diamond board. He folded 3 kings. I was playing good and got up to lik4 6500 or 7k. When i was in the bb for 100 with 2 limpers. I had KQ and decided to check. Flopwas 7910. I checked this kid was betting out flops alot bet 200 I called. Turn was a J of clubs for 2 clubs. I checked he bet 150 i reraised to 500 he reraised another 500, I though he might have like 76 of clubs so I reriased again 1250 trying to represent like 109 and he called river was a blank. I had like 2500 left he had like 3k I decided to push all in and he insta called with J9. I think that was a stupid play. Because I could of sat out from there and probably get easily heads up and the kid who was won I poon. So anyway today I redownload Full Tilt, since I lost it in an "altercation" and played 5 hu matches winning all 5. The first on i hit a big draw all in to win. The second one I had AQ and the board was 43AQ all diamonds he min reraised o flop he bet pot on turn and went all in on the river of 9. I thought and though and called, he had 65 of hearts and i won. The next one I made trip 4s against A2. I then had KK against K6. The last one was remarkable. It asted 45 minutes and had it won almost when I had 87 on on 468109 board. I had him 3-1 he called half is chips on turn with QJ. Then I got it to 2-1 when the blinds were 50-100 i pushed all in after he limped with A2. He called with 55, but I rivered the A for hu match wins. Thats puts my accoount over 200.

I probably won't play untill atleast Friday since I have some detentions and a project due. Im pumped for the Giants tommorrow night.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Catching Up

Well I played some poker and got my bonus and Im over 190. I was down to 154 but fought my way back up. I loaned 5 dollars to this kid so I also have that coming. My frien, unluckiest human alive, might of lost his title as he won a 10 dollar tourney for 850 bucks. Kudos out to him.
Giants are playing good so that makes me happy. School I got to step it up, Im passing easily but Im not excelling like I need to. Im hoping that it was my vacation that slowed me down and now I can get back on track. I applied for a job so if I get it poker will take a backseat. This weekend Iwon't play that much, but if anything happens I will report it.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pissed Off and Back in The Black

First non-poker: YANKEES SUCK! AROD SUCKS!! They need to get rid of arod giambi sheffield mussina wrigth farnsworth myers. They need melky in left, damon in center abrue in right, who ever they get for AROD at 3rd and at first and or andy phillips jeter and cano and keep posada. IN the bullpen u keep proctor mo and bruney u keep wang and have to keep johnson and karstens and rayner with whoever u get for arod in the rotation. This is a disgrace and unaccpetable. The only funny thing is Mike Franseca has to buy SF Giants season tickets, (watch Mike and the Mad Dog tommorrow). IN good news the Giants defense is back and got a much needed victory over washington.

Now for poker, thats right im positive again. I won a 9man and cashed in two mtts in a row. Last night 40 for 9.20 and tonight 20th for 12.00 I had great starts in both of them. Tonight I missed a 22 outer to stay alive and last night I got ss and my 99 rain into AA. I only got lucky once although I played better last night. I hope I can keep this up as Im creeping up to getting my bonus. My friend is still the unluckiest human alive so pray for him.

See ya'll later

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Turning it Around?

So on Sunday I played a 5 dollar O8 MTT i got a off to a great start but once of game by getting some coolers and getting sucked out on i got bounced in the second hour ago 15 from the money. Then that afternoon I went to my friends house to play a 5 dollar 12 man. I was playing good and basically put my tournament in on a coinflip1010 vs. AQ he hit a Q but i had a flush draw str8 draw and a 10 bricked got knocked out. However, on Monday I played an 18 man took down second for 27, butI shoulda won I had him all in 3 times. In that tournament I made a sick call or 3/5 of my chips on a Q25 board with a raise and a reraise all in with QJ and I was right o.b. folded all in had 44. Then today I played a hu match and won getting my account over 160.
If you didn't know the House oked the gambling bill which means it moves on to the senate. This is the first step to elminiating our game, but it still has to get passes many more times and it will take 2-3 years to do so. Till then we keep playing

Non poker the Yankees won game 1 and are currently in a rain delay for game 2. If they win tonight I think they will sweep if they don't their in trouble because I think Johnson will be tight with loss and comfortable with a win. In school got a progress repor i got 4 A's and 2 C's. I happy although one of the As i definately going to likea B- since i got a 10 on a quiz there but one of the cs is going to a B so hopefully I can get back on track from vacation and maintain my grades. I did really well on the state test about averagae in all 4 areas of concern.

See you in a while