Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Report From this Past Week

So I haven't been playing much poker since of this job. Although as you recall I was down alot, however, I got 4th in that tournament and eventually won back all the money I lost. So today I played poker for the first time in about a week. I really wanted to play cash games for some reason, so I entered a .05 .10 game and in 3 different sessions I end up winning $17.50 to put my accoutn at 250. My job ends this upcoming Monday and I plan to play more tournaments, although if I can steady out this nice rush into a more permanent pattern I will also be playing some cash games. In other news Phil Hellmuth go #10 in another Hold'em event and once again is tied with Doyle and Johnny Chan. The main event starts tommorrow, so I pumped for that since one of my friends is in that. Also I have good news and bad news. The good news is I'm going on cruise with my family for a week in September. The bad news unless I can find a tv there I will miss my first Giants game in over 3 years, and its a rematch at the meadowlands with the Seahawks. If you recall that was the game where the Giants missed 3 field goals which would of won them the game. Anyways I hope to get back to you with good news by Tuesday night.

Peace Matt

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sorry guys I am at this job where I have to work every night for like 3 weeks. I posted about a week ago but I guess it didnt go through. In there I wrote how I made a stud final table where I got 2nd for 41 dollars and I won a tournament at my friend's house worth $30. Today I played for the first time in a week. Bad decision worst day ever. Lost $45 about 30-35 of that in cash games. Now you all know why I don't play cash games. I started the day with 233 and no am at 188.50, it is so frustrating knowig I really have to go back to the grind. Im currently in a tournament where I need 3rd just to be down 8. Im still working at this job for another 1 1/2- 2 weeks. So I'll try to post once in there. The plan is to stop the cash games and grind my way back up through through 3.50 and under. Back to the grind and I need luck


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Final Table

I entered the 830 5 buy in NL tournament 115 entered and final table payed, once again I made final table. I don't remember much. Other than I got to 8k at break and that right before the final table I doubled up to around 20k when my AA hung on against AK. At the final table it was in all in fest since the blinds were rediculous. I got down to 3 handed and eventually got busted when my A10 failed against K5. I took home over 71 dollars and my account is over 200. This was key because I was down 25 on the day. I made 3 final tables in my last events. Im very happy with my play and now its time for me to take one down.

Hope for the good luck to continue

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Final Table in the 12:30

I got off to a good start when my K9 on a 975 flop hung on against A7 to get me to 2700 i won a nice pot on bluff. Then I got to 5700 when my 108 of clubs made a str8 flush on a Qc9cQh2dJc board opponent had KQ. I got to 8200 when my K7 flopped a set. Then with about 11k in my stack 2 away from the final table in a field of 97 I have JJ the guy to my right goes all in for 7500 i think for along time and decide to call with JJ he has Ak of spades. Flop is Kh10hQd Turn 6h and I have the Jh for 16 outs River is a J, which gives me a set, but makes him the str8 an im left with 3400, I somehow manage to make the final table with 5k. Then wiht 8 left I win a pot with 44 to get my stack to 11k. I doube with 84 on 5h6c7d board guy called with 5d6d Turn 2d river 10c i double up. With 6 left I double up agian with 22 guy missed flush draw. The with 4 left i have 14k short stack 11k tight player. he limps from sb i check with Qs3h Flop comes down KsQh6s check check Turn is 9s he goes all in I think I decide to call he ha 97 no flush draw. I need to dodge a or a 7, the river is a 7 but a spade. Then I get short stacked again and get in with 1010 vs Aq 8j9 flop I miss i finish third for 36.27. I play good but I could of played better. After that my account was at 131 but I just won a heads up touney and now have 146. Lets hope the good luck continues


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Down Again and Disappointing Showing

I ended the day down 7 but I should of been up in a 2 NL freezeout I finished 8 away from the money. In a 3 dollar 86 man event i make final table but only gurantee +.37 when nice spot up clears 4. So i start the final table in 8th with 3600, but i get up to 5k. Im on button 30k stack raises min to 1600 i reraise to 5k total all in raiser calls with QJs. im 2-1 favorite. 282 flop turn 9 river J. Out im pissed because that was the third time this tourney i got my money with the best hand and sucked out on 99vs. A4 guy flopped an A and then JJ vs. Q10 guy turned a Q. If i could catch a break im basically guranteed 9th because their was a guy with 1500 left. Plus to add worse news DN finished 2 spots away from the final table in the 2500 dollar Short Handed Event when AA got cracked by 77, he was in second by alot and of course Dutch Boyd the only person who can bust him does. I played real good poker in that tourney. Im very disappointed If I can win the pot I feel real good about my chances. Hopefully next time I can win when I have the best hand

Peace Matt