Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Over

Today is the last day of summer and tommorrow starts back up classes. This was an dull summer, didnt go anywhere and didn't accomplish much. I wanted to play more poker and maybe win a tournament to get a huge bankroll and that didn't happen.

I play few live tournies and did all my wins in the beginning in the summer coming out 30-40 bucks ahead live. Online I had 150 and got up to 300, but back down to 242, which I will tell in a minute.

Some good news is that the Yankees are pawning and that playoffs are approaching. With playoffs approaching that means the NFL is starting up and my Giants are going to pawn. I haven'nt missed a game in 3 years. Also Im now an umpire so I make money doing that which is cool. I also get a vacation in September so that will get me off my stress.

Anyways to the poker, as you know i deposited the 171 on tilt. I was ok in roll when I decided to play a 45 man. I got deep and at the final table I was all in on the bubble with a coinflip and won. I cashed won another big pot and was heads up. I flopped a pair and open ended str8 draw got it all in with best hand to his overs and I held. I won 85 for that and a few more hu matches to get my account to 301!. So today being the last day I wanted to play alot. I missed the 9am, so I tried to satelite into the 12pm and lost 30 doing so bubbling twice. I lost a hu match and then sorta tilted one up and that is another 10. I played 2 6 mans and bubbled once and the other time guy called all his chips on a 10 high flop with K high. Lost some in cash games and that is how I go from 301-242. This is a hard day that looks done for me and I don't plain on playing until Friday night.

Till then

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Can't Win a Fucking Pot

That is right today im down 25 and 2 overall on full tilt. I lost to 2 outers runner runners miss 25 outers and everything else you can think of. I made one mistake and tilte off about 15 in cash games when it should of been 5 max and I could of been up if I could hit a flop or hit a 18 outer. I played an hour heads up match with this guy once I had him all in with 108 on a Kd10d10s board and he went runner runner diamond. The other time he had 120 more chips than me and he had A10 vs. my JJ flopped an A however the turn gave me 14 outs but of course. I miss. I should be at worse only down 10 today, which would put me up 18 overall. All I can do is stay away from cash games and try to get back up to the 190s instead of 169.


Friday, August 25, 2006

One outer

Today was another kid's tourney. For every dollar you buyin for you get 150 in chips. I bought in for 12 but only had to pay because someone owed me 2 bucks. I also got another 5 I loanded out too. So anyways, this time didn't have a set blind structure so we played 5-10 and 10-20 for 2 hours and had to speed up to every 15 20 minutes when they got to 25-50 because people like me had other priorities. So anyways about 2 hours in I have seen 3 hands and decide to raise with K9s from 2 off button, loose sb called, flop came down K108 he checked i bet out 100 he calle, turn 8 he checked i bet 175 and he raised 40 more,(which is illegal but they didn't enforce it). I called river 10, this time he bet out 300, I was like wow, I thought for literally 5 minutes and with 4 seconds left on the clock called thinking he had QJ J9 or J8 or Q10, so it was almost but more like 42.5/42.5 win/lose or 15% chop. He showed J8 and i lost 40% of my starting chips. However I didn't tilt and fought back up to around 1400 when I had 9d8d on button limped in for 30 and we saw a 3 way flop. Q84 rainbow, checked around, turn 2 the kid he won the pot off me bet out 150 i called, river 4 he bet out 500 i thought and read him as weak called and he immediately mucked his cards and I was over 2k. The next hand he limped in for 50 i raised to 150 with AJ he called i bet out 300 he called on a A95 board. Turn 10 He went all in for like 700 i called he showed QQ and won and went on to over 3k. I played real good from then on, playing tight and patience but picking up pots. Then with approxiametly 3k in chips i had J4 in sb and called the 75 flop 44K rainbow, i checked bb checked utg bet 200 button called i reraised to 500 utg called button folded, I was positive they both had a K. turn 9 I go all in for 1500 he has 1520 left thinks for 3 minutes and calls with Ks8s. Indeed the other kid had a K, so he had one out, winner of this pot has 5500 and is very likely in first place going to the final 6 and looking for the 80 dollar first prize. Im a 98% favorite to do so, but BAM K!!! I YELLED NO FUCKING WAY!!!., put my head down to gather myself said nice hand and left. After I left and was lying in the street for 10 minutes trying to commmit suicide, I thought how well I played these last two days and how unlucky I got. However the difference the way I reacted when I got knocked out, after the K9 hand I didn't tilt and I was very proud of that. Also how I exited without a big hoorah, unlike this kid who lost to a 3 outer to the same person and flipped MY chips all over the place and had to stop for 10 minutes to locate them all. I played and acted very professional and Im proud of that. Now I just need not to get unlucky and Im in great shape.

In good news I went to a ball game today and enjoyed myself, while their I found out that I will be making some money this fall by umpiring which will be nice. After I got home I played a 5 dollar 4 man heads up shootout on tilt. I won the first match easily. The second match I had a big lead, but my opponent proceeded to raise every pot and I had shit and he got close, but I won a big pot with KK and he was left with 1300 to my 470. With blinds 60-120 i limped from button with KQ 98% sure he was pushing all in indeed he did and I insta called. He had 44, race. Flop 42J, R U KIDDING ME!!!?!?!!? turn 10 LIFE A OR 9. River 9!!!! ONE TIME FOR MIKEY!!!. I got lucky once , but I can say I definately deserved it. So my till account is at 185.50 for a 14 gain since joining yesterday and my bonus account is at .48!! I need to get too 17.10 for them to put it in. I got 3 months to get the full 171, but I don't think Ill be able to and would be satisfied if I could get 100 back. I ll probably play the 10pm tommorrow like last night where I got deep, but no cash. Other than that Im not going to play until sunday morning and maybe Sunday night. I got to go back to school on Thursday, so this week is my last week before I got to get serious about school which will limit poker.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ye Olde Monthly Home Tourney

This was a weird tourney. I played pretty good, but some mistakes cost me. 14 entered the 10 buy in. Early on a won a big pot with KJ when I flopped top 2. Then I was in good shape with blinds 8-16 and I QQ and raised to 46, got 3 calls. Flop Qd10c7c. We checked around. Turn 4c I have Qc and its checked to me and I bet 100. This really loose player reraised min. I called. River 9c, I hated that card, even though it made me the third nuts I didn't feel comfortable and I checked, he fired out 300, and I thought and decided to fold. MISTAKE !! he showed me Ad4s for A high. He made a nice play, but I have to realize that and make a good call like before when I called a big river bet with A high and was correct. So later in the tourney I grind in to the 2k range. When I pick up KsJs and see a flop for 40. Flop JdQs4s. Thats a good flop and i bet 100, my good friend reraises ,e to 400, I think and decide to push, he thinks for along time and calls all in with AJ. Turn As and now he needs an A or J, he misses and I win a nice pot. Then with blinds 30-60 a really tight player raised and I called on the button with JJ. Flop 834 rainbow. He checked and i bet 175, he reraised to 400 total. I thought I studied him, he can of easily have had QQ or up but I felt I had him and pushed all in he folded and I won a nice pot. Then I was in the sb for 40 and doublemeup raised to 160 and I called with 33. Flop 6d6c9d. I bet out 300. and he takes about a minute to push in all in for 800 more and about 25-30% of my stack. As you know doublemeup is krafty and could have a wide variety of hands. I made a bad read and called and he showed 1010 and hung on, however I make it to the final 6 4pay in third place with just under 3k. First hand I picked up K10 an raised from 2 off button bb who had a massive chip lead called. 245 flop, he bet out 250 I felt weakness and raised to 800 total he called. I gave up on the hand and he showed AK check to the river. Soon aftet that with blinds 75-150, I had AQ in bb and raised 450 more the same player called. Flop came down KdKc7d I push all in for 960 and he called wtih Ad5d, Turn Js river 10d. GG me. I missed out, but I lost another 5 since I had a piece of my brother in this. Doublemeup went on to win the 75 dollar first prize when he outflopped QQ with 77. I think I played pretty good, I made 4 memorably mistakes although 2 of them was just on read and a bit unlucky. After the tourney I talked to my friend and he said even if I played perfect the best I could of finished was 3rd, since the cards weren't falling my way.

Tommorrow is another day, yet again another tourney at another kid's house. He is structuring the tournament differently so it shoud be fun.

Today I deposited into full tilt, but only the 171 that I withdrew from royal. I thought I had extra money in neteller but I didn't. I have to be very careful and probably need a big cash soon or I can go break very easily since their is nothing between 5 and 1 dollars. I m being stupid and playing 5 dollars, so I have to play good, but also get a little lucky that I can score a big cash early to stabalize my account

Till Next Time

Monday, August 21, 2006

Horrible Start To New Beginning

Yesterday I ended the day at full tilt with 40.88 in my account. So today I come on I played a cash game and won 4.25, and won a heads 2 hu matches putting me at53.50. But then I lost a 4.40 thing to get my satelite. Then I lost 5 in cash games. Lost 5 in a STT. Lost 5 in the 6 oclock. lost 5 in a hu shootout and lost 5 in a heads up match. I took some sick stuff and could do nothing about it. This bring my account down to 18 dollars. The only way I can bring it back up before the deposit is to win 5 dollar STT Im in now which will put me even. If I get anything less Im done till the weekend probably. I mean i missed outs. Got coolered and sucked out, just like at royal. If this keeps up I will go broke. Because their is nothing in between 1 dollars and 5 dollars. So I need help. Which as of now I didn't get I had AQ vs. QJs and he goes runner runner flush and I have only 1k left. I also just entered a 1 dollar and Im trying my luck there. My 6s ran into 88 on 529 and im out off the 5 dollar. Last time that person made the same bet they had 22 on a AJ9 board. So Im done. I have like 17 in my account, but I am putting in my 200 tommorrow or Wednesday.

Im so pissed off

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Time For A Change

Today I played on Royal and Full Tilt. On Full Tilt Im up 25 but gave the guy his money from my win so Im only up 17 for 36.50 in my account there. I played a few tournaments on royal and blanked, plus lost 10 dollars in blackjack leaving my account at 171. Im sick of Royal and it's bullshit. So I decide that as of this week my new home is full tilt. Im depositing my 171 from royal and probably going to add 29 more and deposit 200 even there; for a grand total of 236.50 on full tilt. The only thing I don't like about full tilt is no 2 or 3 dollar tournaments. So Im going to need to get a big cash to be able to play 5 dollars consistently. But a good thing is they have a great deposit bonus where I can get my 200 in bonuses. So I can double my account just through their bonus. So tommorrow Im moving to full tilt

Till next time

Friday, August 18, 2006

Good and Bad News

First the bad news, Im under 200 dollar mark at royal. Just the same from the last post. I have to got to 2 dollars which makes it that much harder to get it back. What I really need is a nice cash of 50 dollars or more in a MTT. I was in position to do so last night, but I got cold decked. Another thing that makes me perturbed; royal was having some problems with their server last night and Im 99% sure that they gipped my account of $5.15 and at this point that is crucial money.

Now the good news. I was railing a fellow FCPer last night who took home a little over 1k in a Horse event finishing 13. One of the railers, known as disrespect, gave me 5 dollars so I could play the 5 dollar today. In the second level, I had QQ on button and this guy next to me over riased to 235 20-40. I just called and me and him heads upo to the flop QJ10 he checked . I bet 240. He min. raise. I was 50/50 he had AK, but I thought their are alot of hands I could beat that he could have so I pushed all in indeed he had the AK. Turn 2, river 10!! I fill up and get lucky for the first time in about a month and my stack is at 3k. After some scenarios my stack is at 1900 with 15 minutes before firtst break. When I make a move with J6 and get back up to 2800. I made a nice play with 55 and at break Im at 4200. Nothing really happens and Im at about 4500 80-160 and im on the button with 8h9h, their are 2 limpers in front of me I limp 2 and both blinds take a flop.KhJd5h. blinds check and first limper bets 400 and I'm the only one to call, turn 4h!! he bets the pot of 1600, I hollywood about and take along time to finally push in my last 3400 he takes awhile and calls with 55 for a set he bricks the river and I double up to 8800. I then Had QQ on a 2c3cJd flop i get it all in with half my chips and my opponent has 10c7c he turns the flush and Im done to 4500. I work real hard and at the break have my stack at around 8200 near the money. I eventually cash with that stack. I made a odd, bad play with J8 where i called a turn bet with a gut shot which hit and i get it all in and I double up to 16k. I then go on another break with about 19 left and im 11 with 27k in chips. Then something came up so I couldn't play the first 15 minutes when I came back their were 16 left. 1k 2k blinds and i have 16k left. The second hand I come back to i push all in with 1010 and get called by KJ and hang on and get to 33k. The blinds then raise to 1200-2400 with a 250 ante. Im in the sb with 13 left and 28k behind me. I have AhQh. The button raise to 11k I push all in and he takes about 3 seconds and calls with QsJs. Im a 3-1 favorite to get to 60k and top 5 in chips.The flop JdKdKh. OMG 3 outer. I still have 9 outs 2 Qs 3As and 410s. I brick and get knocked out in 13th place for $19.30. Im so piss because I win that pot Im guranteed a final table which I woul make atleast $43. I think I was the best player left and if I won that pot and with that stack I would of had a great chance of taking down the $550 first prize. Oh well got to move on, but now I can play some on full tilt. My goal is to play some 1 dollar 45 mans and maybe the 5pm 1 dollar MTT. If I can get a cash of 10 or more then I'll try the 6pm or a different 5 dollar again.

I cannot play tommorrow and probably Monday at the earliest. Im planning on having a tournament at my house for 10 buy this week. Also, their is a good chance Im attending a different tournament,and one of my friends said he was going to have a cash game too. I m going back to school in 2 weeks and probably starting a new job which will really cut down on my time. Im gonna try to build both my bankrolls till then and take advantage of the time I have remaining. Also the Yankees and Red Sox are playing a big series, I love the lsat 6 weeks of MLB, should be a great ending. GO YANKEES!!! They just took the lead in game 2 of the doubleheader. That just proves to you that Jeter is the best player in baseball.

Till next time

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Straight Up Bull

After staying the day up 13.50 i proceeded to be cold decked. Bounced in the 5 dollar i was iced by the deck, donk the 2 dolllar, bubbled in 3 5 dollars. I got coolered in 3 5 dollars, Slow rolled 6 time today. So i was down but played the 1230 I played real good poker. THen I took some sick shit KKvs. QQ lose. A10 vs. A8 lose. I wasup to 10k this borught me to 7k. I fought back all the way to 18k When I lost a pot withAK down to 14k . Then I have 33 400-800 i raise to 2400 this guy reraise all in for 7 k more i call leaving me 4k he had AJ 291010 river A sucked out i win that pot I m commanding chip leader. Soim donw to 2k i fought back to 7200 then with 5700 left on the bubble i have 77 i push in same guy calls with A9s of spades flop KsJsjhturn8c river Ac gg me second bubble in a row in that tourney So On the day i end up down 14 and 27 from my high. My account is at 232. Im so pissed right now, I played good I either got my money in good like KK vs.QQ and lose or i have K5c and the guy rivers the Q high str8 flush. gutshot for one out. Twice today some guy hit a one outer which cost me from cashing. I played 5 5dollar 6 mans bubbled in 3 2nd in one. I got try to recoup and grind back up.

IM pissed

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Re:Tough Bubble

Well this is just about the night of the tough bubble. I stayed up all night and played tournies. So after I bubbled I played a 2 dollar 15 man, and what do you know bubble. So I get over that and play the 3:30 1200 guranteed short handed. I got up to 6k early but lost it all. So I rebought and added on and already put 9 dollars in this tourney. I was playing Gus Hansen style, anything suited anything paint. So I get back up to 6k when my 96 holds on against AK. I was hitting all my draws which is what you need when you play like this. So at break I was chip leader with over 25k. Then in the 2nd hour I tightned up and had chip lead with 50k. So the very first hand after the break I bluff of 16k. I cash and then get card dead. I got 5 hands in the next 80 minutes. Every single time no action QQ twice AA AQ and AK. When I tried to steal the pot I got ran over the top. So at the break 13 left Im in 9th, 6 make the final table since it was short handed So I have 32k guy next to me 29k He pushes all in with blinds 800 1600k I decide to call with 77 he has 88 and Im out in 10 for 17 dollars clearing 8. So after that I play a 2 dollar 15 man and bubble from final table. Then since Im up I decide to play the 5 dollar O8 I play good for the first hour. But in the second hour I hit a wall and just play horrible, but I make the final 8 5 pay. I try to focus and have shot to cash but lose when my two pair lost to a straight, couldn't recover and finish 6 for the 3rd bubble of the night. I play a 4 man heads up thing and lose in the final match when my 1010 got cold decked against KK. So I was up 12 dollars at one point, but ended up down 3.

Today I came back On lost 10 in cas games but won a 15 man, then in a 5+1 tournament, and got crippled when my AJ on a AQ6 ran into 66. Hanged on for almost 20 more minutes, but my AQ couldn'tAK. I also bubbled in a STT before that. After the tourney I decide to play another 5 dollar STT. I got off to a slow start, but I hang on and won the thing ofr $25 putting me up on the day, currently I'm in a dollar where 20 pay; if anything happens I'll get back to ya'll

Till Next Time

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tough Bubble

That's right 10 paid I finished 11th out of 104. I double up early on with AQ vs. Q10 on a 6Q634 board. Then I lost a huge pot with 88vs.A2.vs 109s vs. J10s. 109s made a horrible call adn the A2 and J10 were ss. So that brought me down from 3300 to 1900. Two hands later we were 8 handed I had KQs in 3rd pos. 50-100 I raise to 300. I got 3 calls and the flop came 8c10h9h. sb checked, their is 130o in the pot and I have 1600 left I decide to push all in. I get two calls. One by A8 for almost all his chips and another by A9 for half of his. So I have 10 outs the turn came a 2 and the river came the J! I more than tripled up to 6200 and at break I had 7200. Then I got one hand in 40 minutes.Then I made a play with A9 which got me down to 3100. I got down to 2700 then I doubled with KQ vs. AJ. I got back to as high as 7500. Then with the blinds 400-800 I have 5800 left with 400 in sb. Their are 11 left at this point 10 pay. I have J6, me the bb and a limper take a flop JJ7 rainbow. I check leavine me 5400 in my stack bb has 5150. So the blinds check and the limper bets 2400. I decide to move in for my 5400 in which the bb insta calls and I know im beat. Limper folds and the bb had AJ Turn 3 So I need a 3 or 7to chop ad a 6 to win. River 9, I got 265. I double up quadrupled up the next hand with Q10 vs. A6. The next hand I pick up 77 and get called by 1010, I flop a 7 and get up to over 2500. The next hand after that I pick up Ah3h and push all in and the bb calls with J4 off. Flop comes J43 so I need an A or 3 it goes blank blank and I bubble. It is pretty sick, but that is poker. Im still up on the day as I won 7.50 in cash games. In one hand some guy called $3 at .05 .10 and couldnt beat A high on the river. I might play the 1200 guranteed in 45 minutes. I really want a win since I go back to school in about 3 weeks, time is running out

Back to the Grind

Monday, August 07, 2006

HUGE Laydown

So after playing about 2 1/2 hours of STTs and losing 10 on some sick stuff I came back late being inspired by High Stakes Poker on GSN. I play .05 .10 and 5 dollar 6 man. In the 6 man I lost half my stack early when my top pair lost to an over pair. I got back up to 800 when I made a sweet all in bluff with 810 on a 4694 board. The next hand after that I picked up QQ raised 3x to 120 and got 2 calls. Flop came down 259 two spades and I had Qs. sb checked bb who had 580 bet 160 I reraise all in for 670 total sb called and so did bb sb had 22 for a set and bb had 66 with 6s. Turn came As river 10s!!!!! I triple up and take chip lead. I eventually get heads up with 5760 to 240 but blinds 160 320. This guy was sick he called me all in with J high and Q high. He got a big chip lead butI doubled up when my 97 hung on agaisnt his 76. I then regained the chip lead when I pushed all in with A6 for 2/3 of his chips and he insta called with 36 off I hung on and won the 19.50 first prize. So in the cash game I get up .80 early, when i pick up 77 in the office. This aggressive player with a huge stack raises .80 tight play next to me calls I call. Flop comes dow 9h7c4h I flop the set!!!! Aggressive player bets .40 guy next calls and I reraise to 1.20 they both call. Turn Kh, once again aggressive player bets .40, this time tight player raises min. This scares me as I think he hit the flush or even set of kings. So I just flat call leaving me $3. River 3d aggressive players bet 1.20 then tight player instantly moves allin. How sick is this. I think the he has AQh and at the last second fold mid set. Aggressive takes long time and folds too. That is the second biggest laydown I made, the one that was bigger the guy made a sick bluff heads up. So I regain my composure and eventually get the aggressive player to double me up when I have QQ and leave with a $4 gain and have my account back at 243. I might play the 1230, but plan to play some STTs tommorrow afternoon.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Ups and Downs of Poker

So after my account was down to 204 on Saturday I played an early morning O8 tourney and a STT. I won the STT for $25 and got 2nd in a Mtt O8 tourney worth 24 so after that I played the 4500 guranteed got knocked out and had 242. Then I won 7.50 in cash games, but played alot of 5 dollar tournies with no cashes and was dow to 228. So today I came on and playe a 4 man 5 dollar heads up match. I got out to a 3-1 lead,but had to do something for 5 minutes, came back I was a 2-1 disadvantage I fought hard and eventually got my money with KQ vs. Q10 and if I won I would of regained the chip lead unfortunately he flopped two pair good game me. I entered the 830 5 dollar after that. I picked up Aqd in mid position raised to 80 got 3 calls. Flop 3K6 2 diamonds. ep bets 20 I call one other guy calls. Turn 10d, gin ep bets 100 i call other guy folds. River Jd ROYAL FLUSH!! He goes all in I insta call he ahs K10. I now have 3040 real early. I eventually buid my stack to 4855 playing the best poker I played in a long time. So mp raises 3x bb to 450, at this point half the field is out, final table pays. I have 77 I call, me and him heads up to the flop. 383 rainbow he bets 900 about half the pot. I think for 15 seconds and put him on AQ I push in for 4400 tota he takes 2 seconds and sure enough AQ. Winner of this pot is chip leader with 52 left(he has me by 50) Turn 4 river A! I fall to the floor in disbelief. I get back up and play a 2 dollar 15 man I made final table with chip lead and cashed. I knocked out the first guy 3 handed with 108 on a 103107A board I slow played it till the end and put the guy all in on the river for his last 1k and he called with K high no lie he called his tournament life off with K high. We get heads up and I m a 4-1 favorite I double the kid up but get some back when this hand comes up I hav 9100 behind me with 300 in the pot and 94 of spades. He raises min I call 236 flop two clubs he bets 300 I call turn Kc, I dont think he has the flush he bets 900 I was going to fold but I decide to call since I was getting 5-1 and I do River gin 6 He goes all in i call he has A3 and I win the 15 dollar first prize putting me up on the day. So now I sit with 235 in my account. I just a little bit away from getting it back to the 250 range. I feel Im playing better now since I can concentrate more.

See ya

Friday, August 04, 2006

Great Rush Torn Down

After my tough return the next day I got my account to 273 another new high. But yesterday I tried this 10 dollar heads up rounders tournament you gotta win 7 I won 5. So after yesterday my account was tat 249.50 today I played a plethria of STTs no luck at all 3 bubbles bad lucks and a 35 dollar lost for a total o 63 in two days. My plan is to play the 3 dollar today and I really need this. I m not back to my best play,but I playing well enough to win some of these.

Wish me luck

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tough Return

Yesterday was my last day on my job and today I played poker. I entered a 3 dollar rebuy played like shit and then tilted off about 10 dollars after putting my account down to 232. Then i recouped played a cash game lost 5 and then played a 5.50 10 man Omaha H/L which I won getting me to 242. Then i played a 5 dollar 6 man 20-40 blinds im in bb this guy utg raised minimum and i know that means he is weak, but the button min raised him and i decided to call the 80 and the utg called the 40. 873 flop Gin! utg bets min. button reraises to 200 i reraise to 600 leaving me about 1k utg folds button flat calls turn Q i go all in for the 1k. The button takes 10 seconds and calls with QQ, coolered and slowrolled i get bounced. Then i play another 6 man and have 1300 with 40-80 blinds 4left utg min riases button and I call i have KJs the flop comes down J97 rainbow i check utg bets 240 leaving him 850 i reraise all in and he calls with 99 i go on to bust when my A2 falls against 77. Then I make it to the final table in ad 5 dollar 15 man and if I win this im up on the day so i ha 1800 i raise to 450 on button with AQ bb reraise 300 more i move in for my last 1k he thinks and calls 1/3 of his chips with 89 off? flop is Q97 all hearts which I don't have and of course he has. Turn 8 great Im pretty much screwed and of course the rivers is a 9. That was the second time today I made a 15 man final table and no cash. I also lost a 2.50 Stt. I coulndt hit a flop in the tournament, granted I was playing great, but I would have hands like 86s and they would never hit. It was sick, currently Im in a 5 dollar STT, if I win I have minimal losses on the day with 245 in my account if I lose 220 and Im dropping down to 2 dollars.
Main event update: DN is pawning and ivey are still in, mike got screwed and phil got bounced, I have a friend in there, but no idea of how they are doing.

Ill get back to you later