Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dont play Poker

Im back where i started the week 92.60. Im running unbelievalby bad. I can't win a race. I can't avoid 3 outer and I cant win shit. Its so frustrating getting a nice cash and having a nice build up and all of a sudden back to where you were. I m playing a little tommorrow and then Im done for like 2 weeks. I got 5th in my home game tourney, I went card dead for 3 hours and got bounced. The only good thing that happened lately is the Giants won a game and are in the playoffs. So im pumped for that. The college basketball season is now in ful swing so that will cause me not to play as much as well. I hope to get a job too, so I can have some money. Maybe me getting a job will get more grounded and actually enjoy poker instead of having poker being my "job".
Hope you all had a good holiday season,

Friday, December 29, 2006

Poker Leads to Crack Use

Umm yea that describes poker in a nut shell. Xmas night I played a 5 dollar multi and cashd for 8 bucks getting my account at like 100. Then Tuesday into Wednesday I played 20 hours total including a stretch from 9pm to 9am str8. I had kids go to Dunkin Donuts for me and shit. Anyways I took some sick shit like KK vs. 66 and rivered 6 and like AQ vs. AJ they flop a J i still would have 14 outs and missed everytime. I also bubbled a multi table when my 44 on a 356 lost to AK on the river A. However I played really well in STTs where I folded QQ and JJ preflop both times they showed aces. I actually wounded up 4 bucks. Wednesday I played a live tourney and got nothing did nothing. Yesterday I played the 1030 am MTT and got 5th for 90. I played really good. I won a big pot with AA vs QQ and then when we got passed the money I was in average shape I had QQ utg 7 handed the bb ss reraise all in for half my stack I had to call he showed AA and I made quad queens. Then I made a sick semi bluff with 54 on a 2385 board the guy bet pot on flop i called button called. Turn he bet 3/5 of pot i reraise all in the button folded 1010 and he folded A8 and i showed and then got me from 28k to 57k. Then I hit a nice rush and got up to 120k. I took some sick shit right before the final table. I had A9 on a977 board the guy called all in with J8 and went runner runner flush it was a small pot. However this guy he was testing me the whole time limped ut 6 handed i had A4 in sb and bb checked A94 flop I check bb checks and the utg bets 1/2 pot i shove him in for like 20k more he calls with A10 8 10 down again. However we made the final table and won a pot when my 33 out ran JJ on the rivered str8. Then I went card dead and couldn't pick up a pot with a raise. I had 98k when i raised 4800 with AQ utg sb called bb pushed in for 20k more I decided to shove in and the sb called with A10 and the bb hadQQ and held i was down to 50k when my 1010 got called for 10x the bb by the limp QJ. He hit i got 5th. Right after that I went to a live tourney and won it for 30 bucks. I played real well and just waited for hands. Last night i played like 10 hours with breaks here and there and won 4 bucks. People were limping with KK and AK and QQ and you couldn't do anything about it was sick. My friend came over and won 2 seats to the 30k so he got the buy in which was 109 and a seat. He had the worst table in history we were lmao. Im currently leaving for another live tourney. I ave 175 about and tilt


Friday, December 22, 2006

This is What is Going Down

Today is my birthday and 3 days till xmas. Im in a bowl challenge with alot of people 5 to play. My account is where it was at, but I did pay off the rest of my debt and that player is giving me 2 stakes for 15 bucks total. Giants need some help, but still our in decent shape to make the playoffs. Im in vacation and hope to play alot onlline this week. I play in probably atleast 2 live tournaments. Im mad low on cash having trouble getting a job so its good its my bday and xmas, so Ill get cash there. Im going to chill and update you sometime during the week. My bball leauge started we are 1-0 I scored 2pts.!!
See ya'll later
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What A Comeback

Today I finally played that one dollar, it wasn't turbo and 899 entered. In the first hour a won a nice pot when I called all my money off with KQ for 1500 preflop at 25-50 level and the guy had KJ and I held.I won another pot when my full boat won a nice pot against top pair. At the first break i had 5600. In the secnd hour I won some pots and got to 7100 when this hand came up. UTG raises min to 600. Im on the button wit 77 and i call Flop is 663 rainbow. He bets 800 i reraise to 2400 he calls. Turn 6 He bets me all in for 4k and I think and at the last second I call and he had AK and I held. This got me to 13. I won another nice pot when my top 2 of on a 732 board held off A7 and right before the money i had 20k. I then cashed and was around 25k with 40 left I had KK and got it all in agains A9 and held. The very next hand I knocked that guy out when my AQ caught up to his 77. At the end of third break i was in 3rd with 55k. I then won alot of uncontested pots and got to 75k. I hit some flops and eventually got to 110k. I took some swings, but with 16 left i was back at 110k. I eventually made the final table wtih 130k. With 7 left i knocked out a player with AQ against his KQ and got over 200k. I then chilled a while til we got 5 handed. When I picked up some cards and made a str8 against some ones AA with J10 and with 3 left had a chip lead with 550k. The other guy then regained it when he knocked out the 3rd place guy. Going into heads up it was 725k for him and 575k for me with blinds 8k 16kand 1500 ante. 6 hands in this came up he limped i checked with 108 off. Flop was 10K10 he bet 16k i called turn 6 he bets 32k i reraise toe 78k he calls river K. i hate that card he bets 100k and decide to flat call and ofcourse he had K9 for the 2 outer. The very next hand i have 108 of clubs te flop is K75 two clubs. Turn J clubs he bets 20k and I smooth call. River is a blank and I check with 280k behind me he then bets 100k and instantly move all in and he calls with Q 6 of clubs for the cooler and I finish in 2nd for $130. I only had one suckout when my A8 and one club was forced to call a ss top two but I had the flush draw and hit turn. The last 2 hands were very brutal, but thats how the cookie crumbles. I gave $30 to my friend so that pays off half of what I owe him (btw he got 5th in a deepstack at stars for 500 and won midnight madness for 2500). I am actually close to a bonus and with 100 in my account I hope to play some this weekend to get there.

Giants won and need to win again

Back in the grind


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well I haven't done much since my last post. The Giants are just losing all their games,although with a win this week agaisnt the Panthers their in great shape. Uconn is cruising right now and my bball leaugue is starting soon. Im looking for a job so I can purchase car. Ok, with all that on the side. Im sorta getting an itching for poker and feel that I can once again deal with emotional swings. Right now, Im aiming for Xmas vacation to get back playing. I have a friend who can bakc me on stars and Ill see wat i can do there. If i can get started I will probably redeposit on full tilt and hit the grind. IM going to try to play more liberally. Maybe like a STT on the weekdays and a 10am tournament on Saturday and then 2 STT's on Sunday. This way Im getting practice but I won't burn myself out. We have also started a website. There we started th SPOY, but their are some ?'s still to be answered.
I made my ffb playoffs and the first week is this week. CBB is going crazy and as u know Im the analysis for my paper so, I plan/ have to watch alot of bball. Ill see you all later