Friday, March 31, 2006

Finally A FInal

I made a final table! It was the $2 6pm i finished 6 and won 32. I forgot all the details since i m so estatic. I remember i took to brutal beats in the beginning but played great and got to the final table. The last hand was i had 3ok i was in sb 2k 4k blinds this guy goes all in for 40k i have 99 i call he has AQ and flops a Q. However that wasn't it I finished 12th i a 1 dollar no limit event. I won most of chips whe i had AJ flopped broadway and my opponet had a set of 10s. Then I got to 60k, but everytime I would raise I would get reraised. The last i had A7s 1500 3k blinds i had 25k i went all in and got called by QQ and he hung on i won 4.50 and won 40 dollars on the day.Ill do a better job next time getting details, but Im pretty pumped right now, that was my first cash in 6 weeks in a mtt and my first final table since early January.
Hope the good luck keeps up

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not Again

I entered the 6pm 2 dollar. Early on I get to 1800 when im under the gun with QQ 25-50 blinds i raise to 150 guy with 360 goes all in a guy then with 520 goes all in and a guy with 1025 goes all in. I call One has 55 another Aq another A10, im a big favorite. Flop is JA10 tunr 10 river 3 im donw to 700. Then with 50-100 blinds iget AA and triple up to 2k. Then with KK i raise to 300 5 callers.Flop is 963 rainbow i go all in with 2k 2k pot one caller who has K9 i win and get to 4500. A few hands before break i get AQs utg raises minimum and he will with anything i just call and anohter guy calls. Flop is 7j3 two diamonds i have 4 flush. UTG bets minimum me and other guy just call turn 5 blank utg checks i bet 500 guy calls utg folds. River diamond, I got the nuts i bet 1k he goes all in i immediately call he has 93 of diamonds and i win getting to 8800 at break. So a few hands after break i get AQ and lose 2k when guy rivers flush with K9s. Then i don't get any hands for 30 minutes. With the blinds 200-400 I have 5200 utg with AQ i raise to 1200 this guy who has more chips than me and has been going all in with marginal hands goes all in i call. He has 88 and it's a race I flop an A and get to 11200. The very next hand im in bb with AQs the guy who just lost the pot goes all in I immediately call, because I am dead positive he has tilting and if he wasn't most likely it was a coinflip. He has AK, NOT AGAIN! He hangs on and Im eliminated in 49th place on the next hand. I was 19 from the money in the top 20 and with my luck the guy who was tilting was tilting with the best hand when I pick up a hand. I haven't cashed in a MTT in 2 months and it ain't going to happen tonight. Most likely the next tourney I will play will be tommorrow's 6pm.
Better Luck Next Time,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I want to Cry

Well you all saw it UConn lost. Mason got all the calls and all the shots. I swear that Denham's shot was in it looked so good. O well gotta await again. The only good thing remain is that UCLA wins and Nova loses now a pool and finish 3rd in mine. BTW my account is down to 80.50 Im so piss and I have classes tommorrow.

See everyone later

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I entered the 9:30 1 dollar. I just tell you about the second hour. I played great the first hour and got to 9400 at break leaving me in 8th. 275 enterd 90 were left first was 75. So in the second hour im at 13500 when i have 99 200-400 blinds guy goes all in for 2900 i call he ahs A9s im 3-1 but of course he flops the A leaving me 10500. Later similar situation this time I have 1010 though and he has 2800 i call he ahs AA but i flop the set! Getting me to 14500. We switch tables with 40 people left this guy raises to 800 i have 33 i call flop is 3108 two clubs he bets 800 i raise to 2400, he calls. Turn 7 of clubs this scares me he bets 800 so i call. River Kc im pissed now but he only bets 400 so i have to call he has A9h! He bluffed I won! So i got 20k when this happened. I have AA in bb limper i raise to 1800 300-600 blinds he calls he has 10k. Flop is 910J i bet 5k he goes all in I think im considering he has KQ, but I don't think he woulda raised so I call he had KJ! He has 9 outs turn Q NO! I miss the king on the river and lose half my chips. If I win this pot im chip leader with 38 left. SO a few hands later i got 9k i bet to 1800 one caller flop is 1083 the guy who called has 5k to my now 7k i put him all in figuring he missed as well as I. He takes along time and calls with AQ?Im livid but have outs turn is a 9 so i have open ended str8 draw Q or 7 river J! I though i won but i realized that gave him the str8 and now im down to 2200. I walk in my bb getting me to 3k. SO next hand i have A7 go all in guy calls with 22. Flop is 1022 im out. 5 away from the money. I m playing great poker and getting on the bubble everytime. This so sick My account is at 93 and I lost 20 in 3 days. Im so frustrated, because im playing great, I was throwing hands like AJ 1010 88 away preflop and everytime i was right. I made a call on a Q high flop and 3 to a flush on the board with JJ. My friend was in this predictament, but he worked his way out of it and has made I believe 3 final tables this week. Im considering the 2.25 midnight MTT. The only good new today is that LSU and UCLA won.

Talk to ya'll later

My Bracket Part 4

A few days ago I was looking like shit. Today Im in great shape to win it all. With the Duke and BC losses and Gonzaga I took a great chance to win this. I have UCLA and UConn left wit them playing each other in the finals and of course Uconn winning it all. And boy am I lucky. First in the UCLA game I was about to give up, but I kept believing. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Gonzaga was up by 17 and double digits most of the second half and all of a suddne with 5 minutes left UCLA makes a huge run culminating with a last second steal trailing by 1 to make a layup and win the game. Now for the UConn game;WOW!!! They played horrible, 26 turnovers! However somehow they pulled themselves together and with 2 seconds left down by 3 Rashad Anderson made a 3 to tie. I was going crazy that I thought I was having a hard attack. In OT they dominated and won. Once again Marcus had a huge game. I can't believe they won though they were down by 6 wit 1 minute left and they pulled it off, unbelievable. So for today I need UCLA over Memphis although Texas won't hurt me if they win, it'll be better if LSU won. For tommorrow I need UConn who should win but u never know and Im pulling for Florida over Nova as along as UCLA plays Uconn in the ship and Uconn wins I win the pool worth 65 bucks to me. 17 of us paid 5 smacks each, I'm doing 65 to first and 20 to second.

See ya'll later

First MTT in a Month

After yesterday's 4 man heads up debaco I played my first MTT in a month. But first I'll give you a quick overview in that heads up thing. I win my first match easy in a 5 dollar 4 man heads up toureny. If you win 2 matches you get 20 bucks.So im y next match i have KK and win a big pot so the chips are 2100 to me and 900 for him we stay like this for awhile when this hand comes up.He has been raising me alot so im happy to see 88 and he raises me so i put him all in he calls with AQ if I win this hand I win the tournament. If I lose Im in 2nd. He flopped the Q and wins. So eventually im down to 800 when I have A10 he raises I go allin he calls with AK and he wins. Anyway no for the 1 dollar MTT. In the first 20 minutes I get no hands and have 1300 from the 1500 left. WIth the blinds 15-30 I pick up QQ i raise to 120 and get two callers. Flop is 983two diamonds. I bet 300 this gguy puts me all in I call he has A9 and misses I win and up to 2700. Few hands later i get KQ their are 2 limpers i raise to 120 and get two callers. flop is 988 two hearts I bet 210 1/2 pot they both call. Turn is another heart which gives me a K high flush draw but we all check River is a Q so i have top 2 but I check guy next to me checks and the last guy to act bets 300 into a 1200 chip pot. I think im 90% I have and 10%, so I call and the other guy calls and i have the best hand and my stack gets to 4k. About 20 minutes later 25-50 blinds I have QQ again I raise to 200. One guy calls and this guy who has been making alot of strange moves raises 3400 more. I have 3700 I'm 98% sure he has AK and Im willing to gamble so I go allin and the other guy calls. Sure enough he has Ak 8200 chip pot. He wins his in first I win im in 5th outta 360 and first is 90 smacks. Flop is 963 all diamonds. No one has a diamond, so I have a huge lead turn A! NO!! I miss and Im out. Im so pissed, but I play to win. Currently Im in a 2.75 STT im an ok shape. First hand I lost 240. So i was down to 760 when i was in the bb with 73s 4 limpers. I chekc and the flop is 1047 two spades my suit i bet 40 a guy raises to 80 and another guy riased to 240 so I go allin for 720 total one guy folds the other calls with 10s and 7s. So I really need a spade turn spade. I double to 1750. I get to 2200 with AK. Thne with blinds 20-40 Im in the sb i call bb riases the minimum so i call with j7. Flop is J32 so i check he bets 80 i reriase to 240 he calls leaving him 600. Turn is a 2 i bet him all in and he calls with QQ. So I'm down to 1200 for the rest of the tourney so with 4 left on the bubble 160-320 blinds I go all in for 920 with 107d chip leader calls with A10 and he wins and I bubble leaving my account at 99.30. i was at 113.50 two days ago. So I lost 14. Ive been getting some tough luck lately but that is poker I'll bounce back out of it like I usually do. Hopefully sooner than later.

Peace Matt

Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I entered a 2.20 15 man 5 seat table tourney. I pick alot of small pots until we get 6 people left in the tourney where i have 1700 and for some reason me and this guy are playing heads up waiting for one more person to get knocked out. Then this major hand came up, my opponent was raising alot since i took alot of pots from him. Blinds are 50-100 im first to act with A7o and i call he raisese 550 more i think i have him so i call leaving me 1200 flop is 1076 he goes allin i m 98% sure i got him and i call he has A2 and has to go 22. He didn't im up to 3k at the final table. Early at the final table I just pick up small pots like I did before. Then I have 2800 with 150 in bb J2. button calls go to flop is K810 check check turn 5 check he bets min. He bet it oddly so i raise minimum to 300 he takes allong time before he raises 450 more i think along time and call bluffing river. River Q i bet 1050 aobut 1/2 pot he takes along time and calls and shows K8 for two Im down to 1000. I have 900 100-200 blinds i get K7 on button i go all in get call by bb who has 99 flop is KK2! i m in great shape back to 1900 as long as I dodge a 9 turn 4 river 9!!!!!NO!!! I wanted to throw up as I finished on the bubble. I could of thrown the hand away on the reaise to 450 but I m here to win not to cash. I played the best I could I'll get it next time. Im done probably until Saturday night after the NCAAs.



Sorry that I couldn't post in the last few days I had some major reports to do for my courses. Ive been playing poker and doing reports at the same time so I couldn't update this blog. Well I haven't told you but I'm a low limit tournament player at I usually play 2.75 STT where winner gets 12.50 and 1-3.50 MTT on the weekends. So in between my reports Ive been playing these 2.75 STT and now some 2.20 15 manners. I ve been playing great and up 30 from my 80 dollar account. I won to STT and second in a 15 man. My account is over 110 and am I currently playing a 15 man now. Ill get back to you all on this tourney currently I'm decent shape. Gotta got to go win this now.

Peace Matt

Monday, March 20, 2006


My first session back in awhile started great. I played a heads up match where i got an early lead and ended up winning with my top pair when my opponent called with 3rd pair on the river for all his chips. Then in my STT i got up to 1800 when my 1010 survived against QJ. This is where it goes downhill. 20-40 blinds i have 88 in LP guy next to me raises to 160 i feel he has AQ so i just call and sb calls. I have 2k now my opponent to the left 1800 and the sb 680. Flop is K 5 3 rainbow. SB checks the original bets and I still feel he is making a continuation bet with AQ so i call to trap however sb calls and is left with 230. Turn is a great card it's K so sb checks again the original raiser bets 220 i raise to 660 sb goes all in and raiser folds sb flips over 99 and hangs on. SO im down to 1450 when i have 108s on button bb checks flop is K102 two spades he checks i bet 160 he calls. I put him on QJ turn 9 he checks i immediatley check river 9 so i thinking he bets 80 minimum i pay him of and he flips up A9 of spades and has me. The final hand for me happen like this im in sb i have 1110 with 40 in sb i had AJs six handed I raise to 240 two caller flop is 234 two hearts my suit. I go all in for 970 i get called by A5 of diamonds. Guy called the riase with A5 flop miracle wheel. I miss the flush and finish in 6th down for the night. Overall I think i played well just rain into some tough luck
Better luck next time

Peace Matt

My Bracket Part 2

Wow, What a horrible weekend I lost another final 4 team and UNC as an elite 8. I feel great for George Mason though, they played very well. However, most importantly Uconn hung on and so did UCLA and I still have a chance. I need UCLA and Uconn in the finals, of course Uconn winning it all, along with G'town/Florida winner in the final 4. If G'twon wins then Texas Duke or West Va. can make it but if Florida wins then i need only Duke or West Va. I have BC so it'll be nice if they could knock off Nova and then lose in the elite 8. Althouhg it's a long shot I still have a shot of winning. I'll get back to ya'll on my bracket on Saturday morning. Right now I'm going to play poker for the first time in about a week.

Peace Matt

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Bracket

I'm a HUGE CBB fan. NCAA is my favorite time a year, Uconn is my team. So on the first day i was 13-3 and none of my losing teams i had going to the sweet 16. I was leading my pool and looking great. However, the next day hell. First Ohio St. one of my final 4 teams is getting pounded by Davidson. They however come back and hang on. At the same time another of my final 4 teams Iowa is playing, as im watching the Bucknell, Arkansas game( I had Bucknell) I see Iowa is up 17 with 7 to go all of a sudden after a commercial break it is 8 and after another it's 2. So CBS finally decides to take us there. Iowa is up 1 shooting 2, Brunner who is their best player is at the line he makes two they need 3 to tie. He makes the first and i m thinking their is no way he can miss the second. CLUNK! front iron NWst. goes up and shoots a 3 and misses however, they get the off. rebound and i know when they got it he was making the shot of course from 26 feet fade away SWISH! they go up by 1 and haluska has a chance but hits the rim. So im looking terrible. After i coudlnt watch for 20 minutes. However i recover in time to watch UCOnn. Im watching this game in complete shock. Their are playing the worst bball i have seen a team ever play. At the half their up 1 and im thinking Jim will have the boys ready and pound the shit out of this team. But they are still playing horrible and with 11:33 to go their down 12 and i call my friend who agrees with me they have no shot they actually loss. Then I call my mom and she is like be positive so i calm down get my UConn t-shirt and start cheering or coaching like i never have before.(im pyshciatic when it come to the giants uconn and the yanks, when they are on u don't talk to me) so as i m yelling they re coming back and then marcus takes a 3 SWISH they got the lead and take control of the game. They win and i think it is due to Craig Austrie who had a great game. So the night is not down i have kansas going to the elite 8 losing to UCLA. So i m watching UAB Kentucky i got UAB and Bradley is playing the game of their life. I saw the Big 12 championship game and Kansas was phenominal however they are losing to Bradley who played like shit against S. Illinois. Kansas mounts a run but couldn't come back and another bad loss. However some people in my pool had them in the final 4. So after round 1 i was in third with 4 other people with 25pt.s and 23-9 record. I still have a good shot as Im only one of two people who have UCLA in the final 4 and the only one to have Ohio St. The other team is UConn who i have winning it all. Ill get back to u after tonight's games to tell u how i did and where i am

Peace Matt


Hey ya'll this is my poker blog. It's going to include my bad beat stories. Memorable hand from me and the padawons. and me talking my game up when it sucks. Hope u enjoy.