Sunday, January 28, 2007

It Ends Tonight

Long time. Alot happend. Umm yea i got 36 dollars in my account. got mad this guy challengedme to 1-2 hu and he never showed and i got stuck there. So i bought in for 50 with 35 left i have JJ vs. A10 AA 8 flop. Im down to 50. I then proceeced to cash in 6 str8 tournaments including a live one. I got my account to 81 by winning a STT. Yesterday I played for the first time in 2weeks. Lost like 27 all in mtt's played good no luck. Today, I was even then i tilted off 15 of it when I lost a hu match. To be at 36, now im playing $2 hu matches and 1-2 mtt's mb 3 dollar tubrbos not sure. Im looking for a job to get my bankroll. Im also taking the Colts in the Super Bowl so I want action. I need money. No netteller too so that suck. I really need to win a tournament. Im playing Wednesday probably.

Help me

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here's Whats up

Giants out, I won a college football pool for 100 and poker is killing me. Lets see I played yesterday in 36 man 2 dollar tournament where 4 pay and 1st gets the seat to the big satelite for the sunday. I got 5th when A6 in a big pot lost to QJ on the turn. I went to a live tournament I played great but got nothing going no money. Then I came home played a 6.60 super again 70 in 10 pay 7 get seat. I had a big pot where i ahd A4 on a 2488 board guy put me all in i call he had 32. Then I won a flip to get to 6500. With that stack I had KK raise a guy with 2500 pushes in I call he has AA. I fight back and final table. 7th in chips but in sb with 44 one limp and bb i have 6k 235 flop i bet 1k bb folds limp raises min i call leaving me 3800 ish. turn J i go all in limper calls with AA. I lose and get 9th for 10.50. Then i got a partial stake in the midnight madness. I have KK in second postion i raise 120 at 20-40 a guy then reraises to 600 I go all in for 780 more he calls with JJ QJ8 flop turn 10 I brick all my outs gg me. Then I play the 12pm 5 dollar today, win a pot early on to get to 1950 then im in the bb for 40 with 1800 behind with AK. utg limp second positon min raise folded to me. I raise to 240 utg folds 2nd pos. calls. AQ7 flop i chech he bets 170 i raise to 400 he calls. I have 1250ish left he has me by like 50 turn 10 i go all in he calls with A10 gg me. The STTs are up and down and my account is at 126. I might play a super tommorrow morning. Im probably done for the day