Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Cash

I entered the 9:30 2.25 NL Freezeout with 236 players and 20 paying. I finished 16th winning 4.73. In the first hour i got to 9k. A key hand was when I had JJ vs. 88 and K10 and hung on which got me to 6500. I made a flush which got my to 9k. Then in the second hour i got down to 4600 with 200-400 blinds by me trying to pick up a pot and getting reraised and having to fold everytime. However i doubled with AA vs. KK to 9800 then with 77 vs. QJ on a 7JJ103 board, we got it all in on the river. However i ended the break with 13200 due to the fact I couldn't pick up a pot with a raise preflop. So we cashed i had 7100 left i doubled up with KJ vs. K8. Then with 16 lef 600-1200 blinds im in the sb with 14600 behind me i have 10h8h. 3rd pos. raised minimum when it gets to me i'm getting 3.5-1 on my money so i decide to take a flop the flop comes 3d3h2d. I have 12800 10k in the pot i decide to push it all in. I got called by AA and Qd4d and the AA hung on to knock me out. I think I played well. I maybe should've check the last hand but I'm there to win. I made some hugh laydowns I had QQ with 75-150 blinds with a raise of 450 and 6100 behind me guy makes it 4800 more to me i think and think and i fold and he showed pocked K's. So overall I was happy with my play tonight. Next time I'm going to need to be able to pick up some pots preflop in order to win.

See ya later

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Turn Around Turned Back Around

I entered a 5.25 4 man HU Tourney, winner gets 20. 15-30 blinds we are fairly even i have QQ i raise to 105 he calls. Flop is QcJc6d he bets 60 i raise to 120 he calls. Turn 8s he checks i bet 240, he calls immediately, river 7c he checks, and i have this feeling he is going to check raise and last time he checked raised the river he had a flopped pair of 7s. So instead of checking i make a mistake and only bet 90 in to a 500 chip pot leaving 980 behind me. Sure enought he reraises to 660 2/3 of my chips. Now i think along time and put him on his made flush so i fold. He show Ah5h for a BEAUTIFUL BLUFF. This was the best opponent i might of ever played. So anways next hand i get Ks8s i raise to 90 he calls. flop is K79 rainbow. I bet 120 he calls leaving 420 in the pot and 770 in my stack turn is a J i go all in he calls with J9. NO! He turned two pair but the river is a 7 making me higher two pair. So at this point i have 2300 to his 700 25-50, he raises min. i call with Kh5h. FLop is J24, check, check. Turn A, making me a flush draw but we both check. River is a 3 making me a wheel. he bets 100 i raise too 300 he goes all in, i call he has JJ for the set and i take down the match. In the next match my opponent is a 5:4 disadvantage when i have 88 in bb. He raises to 60 the min. which he has been doing alot. SO i reraise to 210 he goes all in for 950 i call he has A10 we are in a race. He flops a 10 and hangs and now has 2450 to my 550. I get it back to 2:1 when i have 33 in the sb i limp for 25 he raises to 100 i call. Flop is 3c9s8s. I check he bets 100 i raise to 200 he calls. The turn is Qc he bets 200 i go all in for 680 he calls with QhJs. I think he is drawing dead and that i have the chip lead. The river is a 10s and i see the chips go to him. I then realize he made his 4 out inside str8 draw. I just collapsed to the floor and stayed their for 10 minutes, went on to break a chair and just was wondering what is wrong. I decide to give it one more shot and play a 2.20 15 man. I get to 3k early and in chip lead, but when the blinds got up i got card dead and couldnt make any plays. I did try to make one at 25-50 As9s3h flop check blinds we are in. Turn Kc i check he raises to 50 i check raise to 150 he calls. River 3s, i check he bets 50 i raise to 300 he calls with KhJc. I probably shouldn't of made the play but i checked raised twice and he called with second pair, that is a loose call in my mind considering facing two check raises with an over card, flush draw and pair on the board. SO same blinds im in sb with 1650, 9 left, I have A7o i limp bb raises to 200. He has been raising alot so i reraise to 700 he goes all in and i have 5 more than him. Im getting 3-1 and even if he has 10s im still 3-1 or if he has 6s or under KQ then im in good shape especially for the pot odds im getting so i call he has 88 and wins. I get knocked out and lost 2.60 on the day after being up 5 leaving 61.10 in my account. That is the second time in 3 days i lost to a bad beat on the river in those heads up matches in the last match where i would of won it. So those rivers cost me $40. Hopefully I can turn this bad streak around for good. But I'm taking off until the weekend atleast.
See ya'll later.
Matt rules!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Turn Around

So today i entered some tournies at royal. In my first tourney i have 1k 10-20 blinds i have A9 in bb folded to button who raises to 80 i call. Flop is K65 rainbow i check he bet 120 i call. Turn is a 6 i check, he bets 160; i feel he is pretty weak so i raise enough to put him all in. He takes along time before calling and he has AQ!??! Wow that is not a call i would make or anyone i know would make so then i get knocked out next hand. So i entered a 2.20 15 man 25-50 blinds their are 9 left. I have 820 in sb with 9h2h i call bb checks flop comes 965 rainbow. I check he bets 150 i call. Turn is a 6 i move all in for my last 620 and he calls with K6. Im in great shape to double up but K on river! OUCH! 5 outer. So i decide to enter a 2.75 STT, if i win im up 5 on the day if not i have only 55 in the account. So with 5left im ss with 720 i have A10 80-160 blinds i get calle by Jc7c and i hang on to get to 1660. Then next hand i raise with AK and get reraise allin with 99, coinflip. Flop is AK3 and he misses and now im chipleader with 3600 and 5 left. So two hands later 4 left im up to 5100 now i have AK in bb this guy who has 1400 goes all in i call he has AhJh, i flop a K and am commanding chipleader. So im on the button 7k i raise with A9 to 960 3x bb bb moves in for 250 more i call he has AQ, K53 board turn 9!!! GIN no Q and i win he misses. So now with blinds 160-320 i have 8800 i raise enough to pu this guy all in he calls with KQ i have 76 i flop a 7 and that is it!! I win that was my first STT win in a while, which I needed. This a good thing for my account, which is at 68.50. Im done for today, but do plan on doing some more STTs tommorrow.
Have Fun
Matt rules!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rounders Round 2

Well it didn't happen to me. I got knocked out early I had AK raised to 80 got 4 callers 345 flop rainbow i bet 260 got two callers. Turn paired the 5 and was a heart i bet 440 one call and i was 100% sure this guy had a flush draw. This other guy reraised all in i decided to fold. The guy had a draw but the reraiser had 76 and limped utg and called a raise with it? He won the pot and i was down to 620, i got back to 1100 when i made a the nut str8 but lost 400 when my Qs and 7s lost to Qs and Js on a board of Q239Q. So with blinds 25-50 i was in sb with 680 guy raises 200 i have KK and move it all in and got called by Aj, flop was 973 but the turn was an A and blank river and i was eliminated. I will play rounders again, but first i got to get my account back up since i lost 7.50 since then. I offically end the day up 7.50 and at one point was up 22. Not a bad day, but could've been alot better. In this HU match this guy honestly flopped top pair 80-90% of the time and couldn't do anything. Tommorrow I hope to play 2 MTT and a STT or 2 to get up so where i can play rounders again. My buddy is gonna play tommorrow too, so i'll watch him too.
See ya'll later


I decided to play a rounders tournament. You play 5 rounds and it cost 5.50 to get in and u got to make it in the top 2 to make the second round. So with 6 left i have 1415 and KJ in the bb and J89flop rainbow i bet 150 get called by 3 players their is 800 in the pot i have 1100 so after the 3 on the turn i move in and get called by QJ and double to 3k. Then i just start picking up pots by raising and with 4 left i found myself with 7k and in the bb i have AK button with 3200 left raise minimum to 300 i reraise to 1200 he moves all in for 2k more and the table was playing really tight and i wanted to fold but i was getting to good odds so i called and he had KK and i lost. Then i hagve 3k im on the button with 99. i raise to 600 100-200 blinds. The sb who has 250 more than me reraises all in i have 2400 left and i decide to call just before the clock expires. He has AA and im getting up ready to live and rethink. The flop is J103 rainbow. Turn 7 so i need a J or 8 river 8!!!!!!! Miracle 8 and i win the pot and stay alive. Now i have 6k Few hands later i knock him out with QQ against his AJ then this ss who had 700 left limps in sb i have Kc9c with 7k. I put him all in and h e calls with As2s flop is KJ8 rainbow. Turn makes two spades, but the river is a blank and i advance to the second round. I played real good, but i made the bad play with AK their was no need to gamble i was in first and the table was playing extremely tight. I am fortunate, but i played good and next time I cant call in that situation unless i have a HUGE hand. Round 2 ill play either tonight or tommorrow
Peace Matt

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Not A Good Tournament

I played the worst i ever played in my life. I got 4th outta 13 bubbling. I didnt even deserve that. I played ok early on still with little mistakes, but at the final table i made a plefera of them. I m so mad im not gonna talk about, I made horrilbe plays and my reads were off. Next time i know ill play better, because i already learned from my mistakes. Next time you can all expect, not a winning run neccessarlily but a strong run.

Later Matt

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bad Day

After busting out of the 1220 and losing a STT and Hu match i entered a cash game. I m up 1.80 with 6.80 behind and im utg with AK i raise .40 this guy reraises to 1.30 i all of a sudden have this feeling i have the best hand. So i reraise all in and he takes along time and calls with AJ!! i was right but the flop didnt agree it came AJ6 and to add injury to insult the turn is a J too and i lose a 14 dollar pot. I started to make a come back and go my account up to 90 with a cash in a MTT, now Im down to 78.50. Today was tough I could've played better in teh tourney but i played good everything else. Tommorrow I might take off preparing for my live tourney on Thursday. BTW my friend won a 5.50 MTT worht $160, however today he lost 30. BTW, during the tourney i might give live updates on my chip count and other action every hour.

Peace Matt

Bad Day

After busting out of the 1220 and losing a STT and Hu match i entered a cash game. I m up 1.80 with 6.80 behind and im utg with AK i raise .40 this guy reraises to 1.30 i all of a sudden have this feeling i have the best hand. So i reraise all in and he takes along time and calls with AJ!! i was right but the flop didnt agree it came AJ6 and to add injury to insult the turn is a J too and i lose a 14 dollar pot. I started to make a come back and go my account up to 90 with a cash in a MTT, now Im down to 78.50. Today was tough I could've played better in teh tourney but i played good everything else. Tommorrow I might take off preparing for my live tourney on Thursday. BTW my friend won a 5.50 MTT worht $160, however today he lost 30

Peace Matt

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Unluckiest Human Alive

My friend is the unluckies human alive. He hasnt won a coinflip in 3 months. Gets sucked out like crazy and in today's tourney in looked like his luck my be turning around. He had AK against KK and rivered an A. with lbinds 120-240 he has AK and hangs on against AQ and get s up 10k when this happens. He is in the office with KQ bb who is a complete donk calls the raise of 640 the flop comes K103 rainbow bb checks he bets 600 gets called. Turn Q rainbow still chk and he bets 1900 guy reraises minimum and my friend puts him all in and he calls with 34. He has one out a 3 since a 3 already has been folded and guess what the 3 comes. He loses 4/5 of his stack. Then when he pushes in with Ah2d he gets slowrolled with AA and going to the river he did 13 outs and missed all. That is just a fraction of his bad luck. Yesterday he lost with Js full of aces when the opponent hit his one out royal flush. This kid has no luck. Mike Matusow cant compare to this kid. All of you out there help this kid out
Good luck Don

A Str8 Flush and Two Cashes

Today I entered a 2.75 STT and a 2.20 15 man tourney. With 5 left in the STT i had Qd9d in the sb bb checks as i limp. Flop comes 1010K with two diamonds i bet 80 bb calls. Turn Jd!!!! I made the str8 flush i bet 80 he reraises to 160 i just call. River 8 i bet 160 and he reraise all in i call and he had 108. I got heads up in this and lost beacause the blinds are 640-1280 and u only have 10k in play. SO with a second in that i won 7.50. In the 15 man i got to 3k at the final table. I had 77 75-150 blinds i rais to 450, short stack pusheds in another 500 sb calls leaving him 2500 behind him i call leaving 2800 behind me flop is 78Q rainbow. SB pushes all in i call immeidaltely he had AQ the ss had AK and i win a huge pot giving me a 2-1 chip lead heads up. I get it to 4-1 when i have 44 150-300 blinds my opponent has pushed it all in 3 hands in a row and he does this time. This time I call and he has A6 flop comes A63, in need a 4 or runner runner for str8. Turn 5 so now i need a 2 7 or 4 river 2!!!! I win the pot and the tourney worth $15. That got my account from 57.50 to 75.50. Good day so far. Now i got easter dinner, then some yankees. Im playing the 740 tonight.
See ya later Matt

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This Is Why I Hate Cash Games

I was up 5 feeling good then all of a sudden down 30, thats right 30 i have 82.50 in my account. I lost the first 5 when i got coolered then I forgot i how i lost 10 at this table. Then i went to this other table. i was even there when i had 54s with 10.55 in bb one limper sb calls i check. flop is 9s4s5d sb bets .10 i raise to .50 limper and him calls. Turn 6h sb bets .50 i reraise to 3 limper reraises 7.50 more sb goes all in and i think and decide to call. SB has J9 but limper has 96 and takes the pot. I was pissed but how to go on. Then after talking to my friend about the hand i went back at it. I lost pot on a misread and lost 4 there. Then I donked off 7 and here I am down 30 on the day. I still got alot in my account. I have to take tommorrow off and get back into the STT and play some MTT this weekend to get my account back up. Hopefully I will do so and learn from my mistakes and be able to win this money back.
Better luck next time

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Biggest Pot Ever Won In A Cash Game

I was playing .05 .10 and lost 5 and rebought. I won some hands on good calls and was at 8.15 (I bought in for 5). So i have A7s 5 handed i limp everyone else does flop is 3Q7 checked around. Turn 3 checked to me i bet .30 this guy reraise .30 so I call, I feel I have him since i ve seen him 4 times do that and have nothing and 1 time he did have a set. River 7 So he has 3 left i bet .40 he raises to 1. Now i know i made a bad call because I realize he had the 3 so i put him all in he calls and i take the pot getting me to 11.50. The very next hand 4 handed, I have QQ in the bb sb raise to .75 i reraise t0 3 he goes all in for 18 dollars i say well if he got KK or AA so be it i call. He has 1010! Im 4-1 now can i hang on; flop is 939 Turn 2 River 4!!! I win the pot and its $23 but with the rake its 21.50. I left the table taking my winnings. I won 11.50 at the table and 23 on the day sinc i did win a STT where i won every coinflip. Well right now Im watching my freind play .25 .50.

See ya soon

I Hate Cash Games

I decided to play some .05 .10 nl, big mistake yesterday i lsot 13.I had horrible luck and lost most of the money on major suckouts. For example, first hand I have Aq i raise to .40 guy reraises .30 more i call. Flop is AQ6 rainbow i bet .80 he calls turn 4 which puts two diamonds on the board i have 3.50 left their is 3 in the pot i go all in he calls with 95 of diamonds river 10 of diamonds. I lose 5. Then another time i have 1010 i raise to .60 this guy with 1.70 left calls he has 1.10 left. flop is 873 i go all in he calls with 74 turn 9 river 7 another suckout. Then in another instance.I have KQ this donk who has been raising every hand no lie raises i have 4 behind me i flat call indeed he raises 1 dollar this guy with alot of money calls i decide to go all in the donk folds but the other guy calls with 88 flo is Q106 im in great shape its a 11 dollar pot. Turn8! two outer river Q but it was too late another 5 down the drain. Today first hand I have AJs i raise .40 guy reraise .30 more i call. flop is 810A rainbow we both check. Turn A i bet .40 he reraises to 1.20 i reraise to 3.80 total he calls leaving him .60 i have 1.40. River is 6 i put him all in he calls he had 66. He called a reraise wtih 66. I won to 1.80 when my 910 of spades hit a flush against an opponent who mucked. then i have 86 in sb i limp flo is 952 checked around turn 7 i hit the straight. I bet .10 one caller .50 pot. River 2 i go all in for 1.75 he called with A7 i got up to 3.80. Just now on a flop of 73K i had A8 of clubs two clubs on board i bet out .40 short stack who had .50 called guy next to me called. Tunr J i bet out .60 he called i put him on a draw hand so river is an 8 i check he bets .50 i follwo through on my read and call. he had Q10 of clubs other guy had A4 i win the pot and end up winning .10 in the session. Ill probably play more cash games. I don't want to but if you want to get better you have to practice and that is what you're doing.

Later Matt

Sunday, April 09, 2006

This Time 2nd

I entered the 1220 1 dollar again. In the first hour i only gained 10 chips i was absolutely card dead. In the second hour i had to push and won all coin flips and eventually was up to 14k with a cash in my pocket. Then with 30 left 600-1200 blinds mp raises minimum i have AKs on button and go all in he calls i have 500 more than him. He has AA and wins leaving me 566. Next hand i get JJ an triple up to 1550. Then few hands later i quadruple up with KQs when i make the nut flush on the board of As10d6s8s2h. Then 800-1600 blinds im on button i have 7600 i have 42 and it is folded to me so i go all in sb folds and the bb who has 11k calls with J7. flop is 2810 turn K river q! I double up to 15k and ended making the final table with 36k. At the final table i get my stack up to around 120k by people bluffing into me and me calling and me raising and picking up pots. Then 5 handed 6k 12k blinds utg raises minimim i have KQs in bb so i call flop is K86 rainbow i bet 24k. UTG raises 24k more and he has 15k left. I think awhile and put him all in he calls and has 66. I have only 30k left but the turn is an 8 and i have outs. River K!!!!!! i get up to 200k and their are 4 left. Then with 4 left i can pick up any pots, but get down to heads up with everyone just battling each other. First hand of heads of 4k 8k blinds i have A7 and limp hoping my aggressive opponent raise. Indeed he puts me all in and I call. Im surprised to see him have 88 and he holds on for the win. I picked upt 67 dollars for my effort. My main man Donizzle gets the assist with assisting through these final tables. With our minds together we were unstoppable this weekend. I hope the good luck stays for this upcoming week.

Later Matt

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Win!

I won a 1 dollar MTT worth $95! I got good start early when my AKs held up against Kjs and A10 which got me to 4200. At the first break i had 7500. Then i had 9k AJs in 2nd pos. i limp 300-600 blinds flop is AK10 two diamonds blind check utg bets 1200 i reraise to 3600, utg calls. Turn 10 i go all in for 4800 he calls with A3 river Q i hit the nut str8 getting me 2 19k! Then i got 1010, JJ, AA three hands in a row getting me to 28k. I make the final table with 50k. I just took up pots till then and had one suckout when my 88 cracked a short stacks QQ. At the final table i move to 90k when my pair of jacks beat a bluff. When we r 3 handed I take the chip lead with 99 holding up against Aq getting me to 180k. Then we get to heads up with me having 260k he has 290k. He go back and forth when this hand happens. I have A5o in sb he has been playing super aggressive we are where we started heads up. 6k 12k blinds. I raise toe 36000 he calls flop is A5Q two diamonds I check he bets 24k i flat call. Turn 7 i check he bets 36k i reraise to 72k he calls. River jd three diamonds i check he bets 36k i call he has A6 and I take a huge chip lead 460k to about 80k. Then two hands later I have 66 and put him all in he calls with A10s flop is 34Q turn J river 9!! I win the tournament and pick up the $95. I withdrew 110 and left 112 dollars in my account. Since then im down 12 because of cash games, but I'm still in good shape. I played a live tourney last night finished third got my money back. Which was horrilbe because I was on. I called the exact hand 75% of the time and was in the vicinity anohter 20%. Anyways Im pumped about the win and hope for another one tommorrow.

Later Matt

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Bracket Part 5

UCLA won! That is the best that could of happened. Now I finish third in my pool giving me my 5 bucks back. I got second in this other kids pool which won my between 20-25 dollars and I made two 5 dollar bets. With my final table and these bets i won 75 bucks this weekend. Now I have UCLA in the ship and Im gonna see if i can get any action on the game.


Tough Break

entered the 1220 1 dollar. Early on i got to 1800 when this happened. I got QQ in 3rd postion i riase to 120 guy n late pos. raises to 220 i reraise him to 580 he calls. FLop is 35K all spades we check turn 6 off suit check check river 7d check check he flips up AKs for the win. Then with blinds 25-50 i got 1160. I get QQ again in the bb guy in second pos. raises to 100 one guy calls another goes all in for 355 i go all in for all my chips original raise folds the other guy calls virtually all his chipls . THe shorth stack has j9s and the other idiot called a raise reraise and a reraise with A10. Of course he hits the fuckin A. Im out. i playin the 230 i got 130.75 in my account. I probably play a STT between now and then. In another tourney I had AKs and flopped nut flush draw on a 986 board after raising to 480 on a raise of 140 so this guy goes all i call getting 3-1. He has 710s fucking joke. I won a 15 man but recently busted out of a 3.50 MTT. Just now i had AQ vs Kj and AJ flop was A910 turn 8 river fin Q and i finish in 7th. I got 133.50 to end the week. Not a badd week as I finished 32.50 up on the weekend, but a horrible day.

Later Matt