Monday, May 29, 2006

Ugly Tournament

After winning an 8 man live tournament sunday afternoon after coming from 55 with 10-20 blinds to win. I entered the 12:30 am 3.50 NL tourney on royal, 112 entered 10 paid. I got to 3800 at break when i had a j10 of hearts for a flush. Then i got to 6800 when my 88 hung on against AQ. So i have 10k with 300-600 blinds 16 left, I have AJs in ep i raise 3x bb calls. Flop is A73 rainbow we both check. Turn Q he bets 1200 i raise him all in for 4800 more leaving me 2k he calls he had AQ. Two hands later I get QQ all in sb calls with AK and rivers the K, that is my 3rd bubble in my last 3 MTTs online.

So today was my monthly tournament, we did 10 buy in. 10 cam little weak, but we played. Early on i had 87s i FLop was 8810 i bet out two calls, turn Q for 3 flush i bet again bot call, river 9 check to this kid who bets 600 into a 200 chip pot i fold he had 99. Later I had to fold As up when the flush came on the turn and he had the flush. Then i have KJ raise it up 4x bb to 40 total two calls flop is J86 rainbow, i bet 40 two calls, turn 6 i bet 60 two calls river 4 i check this kid bets 200 i think and decide to call he flat called the flop with KK and took the pot. I should of folded the river, but i didn't. Then wit hblinds 6-12 i have K4 in bb, loose button calls me and him to the flop. KK8 two diamonds i check he bets 50 i call, Turn Qh i check he bets 25 i raise 100 more he calls. River 7h, I was thinking no red so i check he bets 300, my read says im beat, so does my gut, but i couldn't fold and he had 36h for the runner runner. Then i have 30 in the bb with 77 behind me and i have Ah10h i raise after the same person limped on the button he called with 98 flopped an 8 i was out in last. In two hours i got no pockets, and that A10s was the best hand. I played better than I did then last time. I won 37 dollar gain in live this tourney in about 10 hours total not great but if i won this tourney i would of won 102 dollars in 14 hours. My friend ultimately won this tourney and he played amazing. It's in his blog It's good yous should read it. Im considering taking a few weeks off from the internet game, I only got 55 in the account and 1 dollar at ub.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I Won!!

I went to my friends house and played a 11 man 5 dollar buy in tourney. With 4 paying out 25 15 10 5. I woulf of made it different, but it is his house. So first hand i have KQ bb 5 handed. I raise to 40 total one caller. Flop is Q52 rainbow. I check loose player raises 15o i reraise 300 more he calls. Turn 3 check, check river K I bet 325 he calls and has Q10 i virtually double up. A few hands later I had A4s raised from sb one caller. Flop is 832 i raise 50 he reraises 125 more I feel he is weak and that i can bluff him on the turn so i call. Turn K he bets 200, I'm a littel concern, but I feel he is weak and raise 450 more he folds and pick it up. I stay around there. Till we are 4 handed. A supertight player raised minimum with blinds 75-150. However, he has been playing loose for him and I have KQ and call from sb bb calls too. Flop is Q34 rainbow. I have 2200 or so he has 1000 i go all in. He takes about 30 seconds sighs and says i guess i call. I feel i have him since he went like that, but he flipped over AA and slow rolled me to an extent. I was piss, but didn't tilt. He got knocked out later when he made a loose call with Qj against AKs. So 3 left i won some pots and got to 1600 200-400 blinds. I went all in 3 hands in a row and eventully got my stack to 3200. So later on sb he has 800 more than me raises all in. I have 88 and decide to call the 3200. He has AK race. Flop is J35 Turn 6 River 4!!! i take the commanding chip lead. A few hands later i have over 7k and one kids has 600 other has 1200. I knock the short stack out with 76 againts A7 when i hit a 6 but i had to call 95 to win 900. So two hands later i got 9k to this kids 200 i have 96s he is all in with the blinds with AJ i river a flush and win the tournament. I played so good. The turning point was after the AA lost and i doubled up when i had A3 raised to 450 kid called flop was 942 he bet allin and had me by 400. I think and i think he has KQ at this point we were on the bubble. I call he had KQ and i hung on. Now as long as my big tourney goes down I feel confident so maybe I can win that too.

Peace Matt

Monday, May 22, 2006


Last night my friend lended me 11.50 at ultimatebet. I played last night on a .05.10NL Holdem table. I had Jd!10d and made a river flush on a board of 4d6d8c7h7d and guy made the full boat of 8s full of 7s and i lost 3.50. So today i give it another whirl and i buy in for 5. I get up to 8.90 when i have KK in mid pos. UTG raises to .30 i reraise to .90 two callers. Flop is KJ10 rainbow, utg bets 2.75 guy folds and it's on me and i go all in for 8. He takes along time to call so i know i have the best hand he turns up QQ and it goes 10 K for quads! I win a 18 dollar pot I left there up 10.25,(I lost a decent size pot before i left) Then I entered a 1.10 STT and got third making .90, but i made some big laydowns and good calls. I folded JJ on a rasie guy had AA, that kind of stuff. So i went some where and came back to .05 .10 Ive been playing for 30 minutes exactly at 5 my buyin when i get 8s6s on button i limp with a few others. Flop is Ac7s5c. One guy bets .50 3 call including me puttin 2.75 in my the pot.Turn Qc guy bets .75 folded to me, I don't feel he has any clubs so i call considreing im gettn the right odds on my str8 draw. River 3d he bets out .80 in to the 4.25 pot, I feel he is weak he hads 3.60 behind hm i have .80 less. I considered and decide to raise to 2.80 on a stone cold bluff. He waits to the last second and folds!!! What a read I left the table after that up 3.30 and 16 on the day on UB. I played great poker today and hope it can continue. Now i have to work on projects for finals.

Wish Me Luck

Sunday, May 21, 2006

100k Guranteed

Im in it at poker time. I won 50 bucks in 90 minutes to get in. I put my 11 dollars on the line at a 11 STT wher i got second and 30 dollars. Then i entered a 20 dollar 6 man and won 2nd getting my account to 44 so i won a 10 dollar and 1 dollar heads up and was .50 away. So i entered a 3 man tourney and i was chip leader hu, but i had 2 min. until it close for the registration so i pushed in with KcJc he called with KdQd i flopped a J and hung on. Then i entered the 100k gurnateed for 55 straight leaving me 3 in my poker time account. And im out i had KJ in late pos. i raised to 80 blinds call K68 rainbow flop. Checked to me i bet 140 guy reraises to 600 that seems odd to m i cal turn is an 8 check check. River Q, he goes all in he has 60 less than me. i call and he called the raise with K8 and took the pot. I got knocked out next hand when my A2 lost to KK. The only thing i don't like was the call on the flop. I was pot committed from there on out. Yet again i can't believe i got called by K8 in that tourney. More donkeys then i thought. So my royal account has 75.66 and my poker time has 3.

Better luck next time

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Site

I found a new site, It's on the same server as royal, the prima poker network. I signed up for it because they give you 10 dollars to start and i thought like royal maybe i can get my account up from there. So i played a STT and won a 1 dollar. So now im splitting my playing time at royal and pokertime. The Preakness is today and once again like i said before i got Brother Derek. Well, im going back into the trenches and I'll try to get some updates up by tommorrow maybe even tonight.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sorry that I couldn't post sooner, I've been really business lately with school, umpiring, and other things. Well last weekend i had a great weekend and got my account to 82.31. I won 2 15 mans, I played well in all of them and was very happy with the results. I was finally not getting sucked out on every time. I've been playing some .05 .10 limit hold'em and have been winning. I have had 5 winning sessions ranging from .15 cent profit-2.50 profit in about half hour sessions. I had one losing session, losing 2.80. I like limit better because you don't have as big of swings and you can play more pots, which i like to do in cash games. I only played one MTT and was card dead and made a bad read. However, I was happy with the results of this weekend getting my accout almost to where it was at my last withdrawl. In other news my good friend ho hasn't played poker in 2 1/2 weeks (Unluckiest Human Alive), won a $11 dollar tournament at FT worth $637 and cashed in another. It was a good week for us padawons. The Preakness is coming up this Saturday and once again I got Brother Derek. Last time he ran a great race, but he got squeezed twice. I've been followin the National Heads Up Championships, but still got to finishing watching last weeks episode. Well, in the upcoming weeks I'm going to play poker including my monthly home tournament on Memorial Day; keep following the Yankees and play in my wiffle ball leauge, where we have fallen to last place. I'll do a better job on keeping up with the updates.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kentucky Derby and I Cashed.

Well I played for the first time in 4 days in a 2.75 STT and got second earning 7.50. Played tight early on, and when we got short handed I picked up alot of pots. Last hand I had AQ limped he checked Jd10c5d I go all in for half his chips he calls with 8d3d. Turn 4h River 8h he takes the pot; my account is now back over 50 at 53.51. Anyways the Kentucky Derby is today and love it. It's a great event to watch and you can really get in to it. I got Brother Derek to win this race and the Triple Crown. I saw him in the Santa Anita Derby in which he won, and I like him alot and think he can win all three races. I'm hoping to get some money on it. It's today at 5ET on NBC, WATCH IT!!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

O Lordy Moley

This was the sickest tournament I played. I have a 3-2 adavante in a HU match. I have 1010 raise to 60, the minimum. He raises to 200 and I put him all in he calls with AK. The flop is 783 Turn 7 River K. I have 420 left to his 1640. I played ver well and get back into the chip lead when i have Q3 in the bb 50-100 blinds. Flop is 733 i check, he bets 200 i raise to 400 he calls leaving 325. Turn 8 which now gives me a Q high spade draw, i get him all in and he calls with Q7 river7, NO!!! NOT AGAIN! The guy then goes on to call me a lmao saying i was on tilt? So then I go all in with Kh8c he calls with Ad6d. Flop is 2h4d3h Turn Jh so i have 15 outs River 9h i hang on. He then proceeds to say What a Suckout! LOL I took a 6 outer and a 2 outer and he complains about a slight favorite on the flop and then i have 15 outs and he is calling me a noob, i just laughed, suckout my ass. Two hands later i have 880 he has 1120 he goes all I immediately call with A7, he has Q5!! I'm almost a 2-1 favorite. Here is the flop Qj8, what else would you expect. What horrible luck, that was freaking brutal. All the money i won in that 2nd place gave it all back.This is so sick, I'm pretty frustrated, but i got to keep at it. This luck has to turn around. I'm going to play some now and I might report back here later.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Giants Draft

I'm a huge NY fan, this means Yankees and Giants. I'm pumped for the start of the Sox and Yankees this week, but a little disappointed the Giants draft. They had 25th overall and traded it to Pittsburgh for the 32nd overall gaining a 3rd and 4th round selection. They needed defensive back and wide reciever help. So when it gets to them Jimmy Williams an All American DB and has alot of expierence and Chad Jackson the best WR in the draft. I'm so pumped, but they say with the 32nd pick overall the New York Giants select Mathias Kibeukuekw DE Boston College? WTF!! They have the two best DEs in football and they past those players up, however they did move up in the 2nd round to get Sinorce Moss, WR from Miami(Fl), he fits better with the Giants offense than Jackson, at slot and kick returned. Day 2 was better as they picked up a good tackle and some secondary help including a guy in the 7th round from Maryland who runs a 4.21 40 yd dash. I'm excited for the upcoming season now and of course a World Championship with the Yankees. BTW I cashed in a STT and currently in one now. I would of won the other one but i took a sick beat. I had 88 he had 63 K105 rainbow flop. Turn 6 River 3. He won on the next hand. Hopefully I'll cash in this one too getting my account aboe 60 again.WOW!!! Just as im about to publish this i have AA in bb for 40 i see some guy has gone all in for 580 more so i call he has 77 and flopped the 7 and i lose half my stack. Im not out,but it's not looking good; hope for the comeback.

Matt rules!!